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SUPERIOR EQUIPMENT For over 125 years E.H. Wachs® has manufactured the world's finest line of portable pipe machining tools, valve exercisers and related equipment. Specially designed with the field machinist in mind, our industrial weld prep products are used for onsite cutting, squaring, beveling and facing pipe, tube and vessels of all sizes and wall thicknesses, under all conditions and environments. QUALITY AND INNOVATION SINCE 1883 E.H. Wachs onsite machining products are the first choice of industry professionals in power generation, oil and gas production and pipeline distribution....

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COMPLETE SUPPORT When you purchase an E.H. Wachs® product, you're partnering with the industry leader in portable weld prep machine tools. That partnership means the equipment you buy today will be supported with the training, service, parts and upgrades that keep these machines working in the field, day in and day out, year after year. A PARTNER, NOT A COMPETITOR Purchasing a Wachs machine is more than just buying a tool, you're acquiring ownership in the most complete, versatile machining system offered anywhere. With the wide range of tooling, machine accessories, power supplies and...

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LOW CLEARANCE SPLIT FRAME A E.H. Wachs® LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame is the world's most versatile and comprehensive line of lightweight split frame, clamshell style portable machine tools on the market today. Designed to cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tubing ranging from 2 to 48 inches O.D. (DN50-1200)* on most wall thicknesses and materials, Wachs slim yet rugged LCSF design is ideal where radial and axial clearances are restricted. COLD CUTTING PROCESS The LCSF is ideal for all types of pipe cutting, beveling and end prepping. Our split frames are...

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LCSF SPLIT FRAME The LCSF is the foundation of a complete machining system, a system that includes multiple drive options, hydraulic power units, bridge slides, counterbore attachments and a wide range of tooling and tool slides. These include low clearance slides extended and super extended slides, worm gear slides for heavy wall applications and out-of-round tracking slides that minimize setup and machining time. COMPLETE MACHINING SYSTEM The LCSF is able to handle virtually any cutting and beveling application encountered in the field, including tight clearances, heavy wall pipe or high...

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LOW CLEARANCE SPLIT FRAME A Like all Wachs machines, the LCSF is built to last. Steel gear sets, fully enclosed for safety and durability, ride on full roller bearings to handle the rigors of today's demanding preps on today's demanding materials. Strong yet light, the LCSF machines with a speed and precision others can't match. SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION Designed with a compact cross section for low clearance applications, the LCSF is constructed of steel and aluminum components - steel where strength is needed, aluminum where strength is less critical than weight. A major advantage of the...

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LCSF ACCESSORIES RING SET LCSF RING SETS For users that already own E.H. Wachs drive motors and tool slides. Economically extend your split frame range. Includes heavy duty storage case, operating manuals and hand tools. LCSF TOOL SLIDES Three types available: Low Profile Slides, optional, ultra compact (ttt m '■: design with .5" (12.7mm) stroke. Extended Slides, standard on LCSF models 206 to 1420, optional for other sizes, with a 1.5" (38.1mm) stroke. Super Extended Slides, standard on LCSF models 1824 and larger, optional for other sizes, long 2" (50.8mm) stroke for larger pipe sizes and...

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SMALL DIAME1 : SPLIT FRAM E.H. Wachs® SDSF Small Diameter Split Frames are the smallest and most compact member of the Wachs split frame family, and are designed for cutting, beveling and counterboring pipe and tubing from .5" through 6" O.D. (DN15-150). Likeall our split frame, clamshell style machines the SDSF is designed to "split" in half to fit over inline pipe, or canbe slipped do sed over open ende d pipe. Six models are available in 1" (25.4mm) increments, with additional sizes available by special order. SMALL SIZE, BIG CAPABILITIES TheSDSF is ideal anywhere pipe and tube are...

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SDSF ACCESSORIES SOCKET WELD REMOVAL E.H. Wachs® SDSF split frames are the building block of our socket weld removal machines. They're designed to remove couplers and elbows from existing piping systems by machining away the weld material that joins them. This is done without sacrificing the base metal - a vital consideration in the repair or modification of complex process systems. These machines are all new designs incorporating all that we've learned from years of socket weld removal experience. They're the easiest to use and most productive socket weld removal machines offered anywhere....

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HEAVY DUTY SPLIT FRAME A E.H. Wachs HDSF Heavy Duty Split Frame clamshell style machines are the largest and most rugged in the Wachs split frame family, and are designed to cut, t)evel, single point, counterOore and facetanges on large diameter pipes from 12" to 84" O.D. (DN300-2100). Desig ned for parting and bevelingof terger diameter pipelines in the field, the HDSF series is constructed with a bigger cro&section, larger gear sets and massive hardened steel components. BUILT FOR BIG JOBS Named for its ability to be split in half or scissor open for mounting to the O.D. of inline pipe,...

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HDSF ACCESSORIES The E.H. Wachs HDSF pipeline sries of split frames are shipped as complte kits to handle typical large diameter cutting and beveling projects. For demanding applications or specialized operations, a select group of HDSF accessories are available for counterboring, heavy wall beveling and large diameter flange facing. Built to the same exacting standards as the HDSF and specially designed for ruggedness, these accessories greatly extend the HDSF's machining capabilities. As part of a complete large diameter weld prep machining system, they're built to withstand the...

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