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Low Clearance Split Frame SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION Designed with a compact cross section for low clearance applications, the LCSF is constructed of steel and aluminum components - steel where strength is needed, aluminum where strength is less critical than weight. A major advantage of the Wachs LCSF is their light weight; these machines typically can be set up by one operator without the need for additional lifting devices. E.H. Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame is the world’s most versatile and comprehensive line of lightweight split frame, clamshell style portable machine tools on the market today. The LCSF is designed to cut, bevel, single point, counterbore and face flanges on pipe and tubing ranging from 2 to 48 inches O.D. (DN50-1200), on most wall thicknesses and materials. The LCSF (like all Wachs split frames) incorporates full roller bearing construction, rather than less expensive bushings. Our bearings require less power to drive than bushings, and contribute to a long service life. The Wachs LCSF can be quickly adjusted to compensate for wear, unlike other machines that may require costly bushing replacement. And to protect your machine, every LCSF ships in a heavy duty steel or Pelican™ storage case. With thirteen standard models available to fit most popular pipe diameters and schedules plus additional sizes available by special order, there’s an LCSF to fit your every need. Order the most productive, best supported split frame machines in the industry, the E.H. Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frame. COLD CUTTING PROCESS ROTATING RING PIPE CUTTER & BEVELER Hot torch cutting requires grinding and produces an undesirable heat affected zone. The LCSF is ideal for all types of pipe cutting, beveling and end prepping. Our split frames are named for their ability to split in half at the frame, or “break open” and bolt back together again. This allows them to open and mount around the O.D. of inline piping, or they can be slipped closed over open ended pipe. The LCSF has been engineered to apply precise, consistently square cuts and bevels on pipe, tube and casing the first time, every time. LCSF splits to surround pipe a continuous section of pipe. •• Machine quickly splits to mount around Outside Diameter of in-line pipe Like all E.H. Wachs cutting machines, our LCSF split frame utilizes a cold cutting machining process, an operation that minimizes the risks associated with hot torch cutting and grinding, particularly important when hydrocarbons are present. In addition, torch cutting typically creates a heat affected zone (HAZ) and introduces airborne contaminants into the environment, unacceptable in many worksites and a potential health hazard. •• Parts and accessories interchangeable between various sizes •• Cuts and bevels pipe of any wall thickness. Materials include: carbon steel and it’s alloys: Hastelloy™ and Inconel™ as well as other exotic materials •• Self-squaring pipe clamping system with integrated, close tolerance legs and wide feet for exceptional stability LCSF cuts and bevels simultaneously leaving a clean precision prep ready for welding •• Feed system offers low clearance operation with precise feed, for controlled cutting •• Low friction adjustable bearing system provides maximum stability and extended machine life •• Fully enclosed bearing and drive gear system for operational safety LCSF with bridge slide accessory shown on Steam Generator during replacement E.H. WACHS 600 Knightsbridge Parkway. • Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069 • 800.323.8185 • +1.847.537.8800 worldwide • +1.847.520.1147 fax

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Low Clearance Split Frame LCSF SPECIFICATIONS STANDARD EQUIPMENT Cutting Tool Surface Speed: 60 Surface Feet per Minute •• Self Squaring Mounting System Drive Options: Pneumatic, Hydraulic, or Electric •• Operating Tools Air Requirements: 65 Cubic Feet per Minute @ 90 PSI or 1.7 Cubic Meters per Minute @ 6.2 BAR OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT •• Fitted Storage Case OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Allows the operator to convert from low clearance tool slides to extended slides in minutes. •• Operating Manuals •• Bridge Slide for Single Point Beveling, counterboring and flange facing of Heavy Wall Pipe Hydraulic...

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