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Small Diameter Split Frame SDSF The Small Diameter Split Frame (SDSF) is an externally mounted machine tool for cutting, beveling, and counterboring pipe from 0.84” to 4.5” diameter. The SDSF is also capable of performing socket weld removal and chipless wheel cutting. Lightweight and flexible, the SDSF is optimized for low-clearance environments. It offers simple setup and operation, featuring a self-squaring clamping system for precise cutting results typically available only with fixed machine tools. The SDSF operates on air or electric power using standard Wachs motors and adapters. A variety of tool slides and other accessories are interchangeable with all SDSF models. Best of all, the SDSF features E.H. Wachs’ legendary durability, designed and built for years of reliable service. SMALL DIAMETER SPLIT FRAME FEATURES • Built to withstand greater loads than our already rugged LCSF line • Machine quickly splits to mount around Outside Diameter of in-line pipe. • Cuts and bevels pipe up to 7/16” wall including carbon steel and its alloys, Hastelloy™, Inconel™ and other exotic materials. Axial slide for socket weld removal • Self-squaring pipe clamping system, using either collets or integrated, close tolerance legs with wide feet stability. • Feed system offers low clearance operation with precise feed for controlled cutting. • Low friction adjustable bearing system provides maximum stability and extended machine life. • Fully enclosed bearing and drive gear system for operational safety. Wheel Cutting Module for FME cutting • Infinite motor positioning. • Modular tool slides. • Lever type trip actuation for safety. • Spring loaded axial trip for crash resistance. • Improved radial trip geometry for crash resistance and durability. • Improved bearing adjustment design. • Improved durability in pinion gear bearing arrangement. • Easier assembly and disassembly of frame halves. Counterbore attachment fits all models Mounts securely to tool slide • Improved sealing for chip exclusion. • Improved collet spring design. • Captive fasteners used for all accessories. • Reduced fastener count for simplified inventory. Only 3 hex wrench sizes required to operate machine. • All 2” through 4” machines can mount using collets or clamp feet. Double drive pinion housing E.H. WACHS 600 Knightsbridge Pkwy. • Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069 • 800.323.8185 • +1.847.537.8800 worldwide • +1.847.520.1147 fax www.ehwachs.com

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DSF-30 - 2

Small Diameter Split Frame SDSF SPECIFICATIONS System Function: Part off, bevel and counterbore pipe & tube; radial and axial socket weld removal; wheel cutting STANDARD EQUIPMENT System Capacity: Machine all tube and pipe from .840” O.D. to 4.5” O.D. (21.3-114.3 mm)—nominal 0.5”-4” pipe .062” to .4375” (1.6 mm-11.1 mm) wall thickness • Heavy duty watertight carrying case • Self squaring mounting system • Pinion housing • Operating hand tools • Operating manuals Cutting Tool Surface Speed: 30 Surface feet per minute , 2” 40sf/m 4” OPTIONAL EQUIPMENT Drive Options: Pneumatic or electric •...

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