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Goliath Guillotine TOPSIDE AND SUB-SEA CUTTING APPLICATIONS 16” THRU 32” (406-813MM) PIPE FAST, SQUARE CUTS Wachs Goliath Guillotine has been designed to cold cut 16” to 32” (406-813mm) pipe of all materials, as well as solids, and multi-stranded casing strings. Along with its durable sub-sea design, Goliath provides easy set up and fast accurate cuts. VERTICAL OR HORIZONTAL MOUNTING The fabricated steel mounting saddle assures square cuts at right angles. The Goliath can be mounted in any position around the pipe. Integrated lifting attachments allow for horizontal as well as vertical positioning. The Goliath cuts equally well on vertical and horizontal piping. The heavy-duty clamping chain system secures it firmly to the pipe. HYDRAULIC DRIVE AND FEED SYSTEM The Goliath Guillotine features a twin hydraulic drive and mechanical feed system, which allows for manual and automatic feed control. The automatic feed design offers two feed settings. A 16” diameter 3/4” wall steel pipe is cut in only 24 minutes. A 32” diameter multi-stranded casing string is cut in about 48 minutes. BUILT FOR SERVICING THE OFFSHORE INDUSTRY The Goliath Guillotine incorporates corrosion treated steel components, chromed and ground steel guide rods, self lubricated bushings, bearings and seals and wipers. The addition of wipers and seals protect the moving parts from the abrasive effects of casing string grout. The self lubricating bearings and bushings allow the Goliath to operate sub-sea without worry of saltwater solvent washing away moving part or slide lubrication. E.H. WACHS COMPANY 600 Knightsbridge Pkwy. Lincolnshire, IL 60069 800-323-8185 in U.S.A. 847-537-8800 Worldwide wachsco.com SPECIFICATIONS: Capacity: Cold cut all pipe material. 16”-32” (406810mm) pipe Wall Thickness: Any wall thickness Clamping System: Chain clamping Feed Rate: 0.008 or 0.016 Drive Motor: 2 Heavy Duty Hydraulic Motors: 15 gpm @ 1500 psi (57 l/s @ 106 bar) Finish: Paint, epoxy, utilization of anticorrosize process on other parts. Weight: 1800 lbs. Blade: Coarse 98-37-414 For heavy wall or multi-strand pipe. Fine 98-37-415 For thin wall single strand pipe.

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