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Out-of- Round Tracking Slides Out-of-Round Tracking Slides are accessories to E.H. Wachs LCSF (Low Clearance Split Frame) series of pipe cutting and beveling machines, available for the HYSF (High Yield Split Frame) line and standard equipment on our HDSF (Heavy Duty Split Frame) series. Used in place of the standard slides on the LCSF, Out-of-Round Tracking Slides feature heavy duty springs and tracking wheel that allows the tooling to follow the contours of a deformed or less than perfectly round pipe, a condition known as “out-of-round”. The spring-tensioned tracking mechanism allows radial motion that compensates for out-of-roundness. This mechanism allows the cutting tool to remain in steady contact with the workpiece at all times, which results in precise weld preps and consistent lands. In addition, these slides feature a long slide travel to handle heavy wall pipe. Included is a spring loaded auto-resetting trip mechanism specially designed to kick out in high load situations, reducing the risk of stalling and extending the life of the tooling. SPLIT FRAME ACCESSORY Utilizing Out-of-Round Tracking Slides means precisely centering the split frame on the pipe becomes less critical, as these slides help the machine become self centering. This reduces downtime by minimizing the setup time, translating into significant cost savings particularly where many cut and bevel operations are performed in a single day. E.H. Wachs Out-of-Round Tracking Slides deliver precise lathe finish preps, easy setup, less downtime and a rapid return on investment. Wachs Out-of-Round Tracking Slides allows the tooling to follow the contour of the pipe for a precise prep and land • Fast setup, helps the split frame become self centering • Delivers precision weld bevels and consistent lands • Spring-tensioned tracking mechanism • Allows tooling to follow the contour of the pipe LCSF Tracking Slide 60-446-00 shown cutting and beveling simultaneously • Positive mechanical starwheel feed • Special auto-resetting trip mechanism • Trip mechanism kicks out and resets under high tool loads • Heat treated materials, corrosion resistant coatings for durability • Works equally well on round or out-ofround pipe HDSF Tracking Slides P03-010-401 are the largest and most rugged in the series E.H. WACHS 600 Knightsbridge Pkwy. • Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069 • 800.323.8185 • +1.847.537.8800 worldwide • +1.847.520.1147 fax www.ehwachs.com

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Out-of- Round Tracking SlideS SpECiFiCAtionS DESign CApAbiLitiES Function: Spring-tensioned tracking mechanism allows tooling to follow the contour of deformed or out-of-round pipe and tubing • Provides precision tracking and uniform cutting and beveling Spring Travel: Compensates for out-of-round, 0.5” (12.7mm) to 1.25” (31.8mm), varies by part number Slide Travel: Allows heavy wall applications, 1.0” (25.4mm) to 2.0” (50.8mm), varies by part number Trip Mechanism: Auto-resetting spring loaded, designed to kick out and reset under high tool loading Feed Method: Positive mechanical...

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