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WDG 543XIOM, WDG 643XIOM WDG 743XIOM, WDG 843XIOM SSI Indicators for Use with Single-Turn or Multi-Turn SSI Encoders WDG 543XIOM: SSI display unit only WDG 643XIOM: SSI display unit with analogue output WDG 743XIOM: SSI display unit with two presets and outputs WDG 843XIOM: SSI display unit with serial interface RS323 and 485 • Clear LED display (15 mm / 0.59” size) with adjustable brightness • Master- or Slave operation with clock rates up to 1 MHz • Suitable for all SSI formats from 8 to 32 bits • Numerous supplementary functions like Linearization, Bit Blanking etc. Operating Instructions

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Safety Instructions • This manual is an essential part of the unit and contains important hints about function, correct handling and commissioning. Non-observance can result in damage to the unit or the machine or even in injury to persons using the equipment! • The unit must only be installed, connected and activated by a qualified electrician • It is a must to observe all general and also all country-specific and application-specific safety standards • When this unit is used with applications where failure or maloperation could cause damage to a machine or hazard to the operating staff,...

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4.4. Additional Parameters for Preselections and Switching Outputs (model WDG 743XIOM) ...20

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1. Terminal Assignment WDG 543XIOM: Display unit only All connections are as shown below, except for terminals 8, 9 and 10 which are unconnected WDG 643XIOM: Display unit with analogue output WDG 743XIOM: Display unit with two presets and outputs WDG 843XIOM: Display unit with serial interface

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WDG743XIOM - 5

1.1. Power Supply The unit accepts DC supply from 17 V to 30 V when using terminals 1 and 2. The consumption depends on the level of the supply voltage (typical 130mA at 30V or 190mA at 17V, plus current taken from aux. output). For AC supply the terminals 0 VAC, 115 VAC or 230 VAC can be used. The total AC power is 7.5 VA. The diagrams below show a dotted line for grounding to PE. This connection is not really necessary, neither for safety nor for EMC. However, for some applications, it may be desirable to ground the common potential of all signal lines. When using this earthing option,...

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WDG743XIOM - 6

MHCHENDORFF Typical input circuit of control input The minimum pulse duration on the Reset input (C) must be 5 msec. 1.4. Adjustable Analogue Output (WDG 643XIOM only) A voltage output is available, operating in a range of 0 ... +10 V or -10 V ... +10 V according to setting. At the same time, a current output 0/4 - 20 mA is available. Both outputs refer to the GND potential and the polarity changes with the sign in the display. The outputs are proportional to the display value and provide a 14 bits resolution. The maximum current on the voltage output is 2 mA, and the load on the current...

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WDG743XIOM - 7

1.6. Serial RS232 / RS485 interface (WDG 843XIOM only) Ex factory the unit is set to RS232 communication. This setting can be changed to RS485 (2-wire) by means of an internal DIL switch. To access the DIL switch, you must remove the screw terminal connectors and the backplane. Then pull the board to the rear to remove the PCB from the housing. Never set DIL switch positions 1 and 2 or DIL switch positions 3 and 4 to "ON” at the same time! After setting the switch, shift the print carefully back to the housing and avoid damage of the front pins for connection to the front keypad plate.

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WDG743XIOM - 8

2. How to Operate the Front Keys For setup and other operations the unit uses three front keys which subsequently will be denominated as follows: The Cmd key is only used to execute the Teach procedure with linearization. For more details please refer to sections 6.1 and 6.2.

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WDG743XIOM - 9

2.2.1. How to select a parameter The ENTER key will scroll through the menu. The SET key allows to select the corresponding item and to change the setting or the numeric value. After this, the selection can be stored by ENTER again, which automatically changes over to the next menu item. 2.2.2. How to change parameter settings With numerical entries, at first the lowest digit will blink. When keeping the SET key continuously down, the highlighted digit will scroll in a continuous loop from 0 ... 9,0 ... 9. After releasing the SET key, the actual value will remain and the next digit will be...

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WDG743XIOM - 10

The Time-out function will be switched off during all Teach operations For details of the Teach procedure see section 6.2. 2.4. Set all parameters to "Default" At any time you can return all settings to the factory default values. The factory default settings are shown in the parameter listings in section 6. A When you decide to set all parameters to .default", please be aware that all previous settings will be lost and you will need to do the whole set-up procedure once more To execute the „Default“ setting function: • Power the unit down. • Press the ENTER key. • Power the unit up again...

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WDG743XIOM - 11

3. The Operator Menu The menu provides one section with “Basic Parameters” and another section with “Operational Parameters”. On the display you will only find those parameters which have been enabled by the basic settings. E.g. when the Linearisation Functions have been disabled in the basic setup, the associated linearization parameters will also not appear in the parameter menu. All parameters, as good as possible, are designated by text fragments. Even though the possibilities of forming texts are very limited with a 7-segment display, this method has proved to be most suitable for...

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M-Factor D-Factor P-Factor Decimal point Display Hi_Bit (MSB) Lo_Bit (LSB) Direction Error Error_Polarity Round Loop Time Reset Zero Position M-Factor D-Factor P-Factor Decimal point Display Hi_Bit (MSB) Lo_Bit (LSB) Direction Error Error_Polarity Round Loop Time Reset Zero Position Analogue Begin Analogue End Preselection 1 Preselection 2 M-Factor D-Factor P-Factor Decimal point Display Hi_Bit (MSB) Lo_Bit (LSB) Direction Error Error_Polarity Round Loop Time Reset Zero Position M-Factor D-Factor P-Factor Decimal point Display Hi_Bit (MSB) Lo_Bit (LSB) Direction Error Error_Polarity Round...

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