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Silent Move Compact - 1

MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG • Especially designed for medium sized building applications • Guided belt measuring system • Compact design • Absolute position of elevator car • Optimized silencing • Available as incremental and absolute measuring system

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Silent Move Compact - 2

… measure reliably and accurately For over 40 years, Wachendorff Automation has developed and manufactured systems and encoders for worldwide use in many different applications in the fields of mechanical engineering/ plant construction, elevator construction, mobile machinery and renewable energies. Our more than 2,500 clients attest to our high quality and absolute customer orientation. And we stand behind the quality of our products with a five-year warranty on all of our encoder systems, an offer which is unmatched anywhere in the world! In addition to incremental and absolute encoders,...

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Silent Move Compact - 3

Experience shows in detail … Save time and space with the system • Intelligent construction with encoders, preassembled toothed pulley and idler pulley, and optimally dimensioned vibration dampers ensure maximum operational reliability and easy installation. • Very smooth-running special toothed belt securely guided through toothed pulley and idler pulley. • Open, compact and thus space-saving design minimizes the work steps of the assembly and simplifies the safe insertion of the toothed belt. • Ideal for short rides and gentle stops, thanks to its flexibility and easy handling. •...

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Silent Move Compact - 4

The Wachendorff Group • Delighted customers • Corporate responsibility • Attractive for good employees • Outstanding quality • Technology leader • Environmental protection • Profitable growth Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG The development and manufacturing of rotary encoders, engine feedback devices and complete measuring systems for use in a wide range of serial production applications in mechanical and plant engineering. An extensive standard range featuring numerous options and efficient development of customised solutions. We are a medium-sized owner-managed Wachendorff...

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