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MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG • Incremental and absolute encoders • Motor feedback • Length measurement systems • Digital shaft copying

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For over 40 years, we have viewed ourselves ... as your supplier of new technologies with intelligent sensors, as a competent contact for efficient solutions for your applications, and as a long-term partner for joint and dynamic further development. Wachendorff Quality • 5-year warranty • DIN/ISO 9001:2015, DIN/ISO 14001:2015 • UL certification • In-house environment simulation laboratory Innovation • Joint successful construction • Systematic development • Key technologies Cooperation • Intensive partnership • 24-hour delivery • Worldwide access Flexibility • A range of different...

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 3

• Individual solutions • Expert advice on-site • Many years of experience for your application • Creating an advantage together We want to inspire you As a medium-sized family business, we live and work for optimum customer satisfaction and want to grow sustainably, together with you. Our high-performance sensors ensure that you obtain a technological advantage worldwide.

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 4

Individual solutions thanks to our modular system Smallest design for miniaturisation Efficient and functional Increased service lives Design innovation together We develop customised solutions alongside our extensive standard range. If you have mechanical or electrical requirements specific to your systems or machines, then you’ve come to the right place. Many clever solutions have already been found in partnership with our customers.

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 5

Considerably shorter development times with our own testing laboratory Efficient detailed tests during development Strict qualification and verification Longer operational stability thanks to HALT chamber Comprehensive environmental simulation In-house qualification for harsh applications with 5-year warranty When developing new products, we take into account more than 400 global standards and guidelines and conduct more than 100 design tests, including HALT. We have also added 25 factory standards for the qualification and verification of our products. Thanks to our over 40 years of...

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 6

High flexibility thanks to one piece flow LeanQ production: Computer-guided assembly Seamless traceability Individual items or large-scale production – guaranteed quality LeanQ: Digital manufacturing In the computer-guided assembly of our encoders and systems, we put great emphasis on efficiency, traceability and zero-defect tolerance. With a further developed one piece flow method, LeanQ is designed for both individual items and large production runs.

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 7

• Individual in function, design and logistics yet still a serial product • Over 40 years of experience in customer solutions • Variety for a practical solution • Designed for the harsh everyday life • OEM prototype building We are a series supplier ... and are at home in many industries, such as mechanical and plant engineering, wind power, mobile machinery, and elevator technology. With our knowledge of technology and products, we quickly and efficiently develop the optimum solution for your application. Our reference in series supply: over 2,500 long-standing reference customers.

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 8

Designed in Germany for long service lives Tested in Germany for challenging areas of application Made in Germany for reliable quality Approved worldwide for your safety Reliable worldwide Mechanical and plant engineering companies around the world rely every day on our high-quality products, on our computerguided manufacturing and our reliable delivery. Our products ensure efficient continuous operation of the machines, even in very harsh environmental conditions.

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 9

Our encoders and systems are uses in many industries Modular solutions for your application Robustness opens up many possibilities Special properties for specific industries Our knowledge for your industry With our extensive experience in a wide range of applications, we have developed specific industry solutions for encoders and systems over the years. Here are a few examples: Food-safe equipment for the food industry, salt mist-resistant housings for on/offshore use, small dimensions and high resistance to vibration for mobile machinery and FTS, incremental or absolute shaft copying for...

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 10

Compatible with all common encoder types Modular system for 1:1 replacement We define your encoder from several million possibilities Our experience for your better alternative Are you looking for an alternative? Our experienced team will be happy to advise you on which of our products is compatible with the competitor. We will quickly find a substitute with our clever modular system. We often also give our customers a recommendation for an improvement, such as for assembly or handling. Ask us, we look forward to hearing from you. Switching made easy

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 11

Visit us on our website Your question will be answered with a few clicks Request STEP files or find details From specifications to industry solutions Well-structured - reach your target quickly Our website is an information tool concerning applications and our products, built on many years of experience. The structured arrangement guides you to your target quickly. You always get up-to-date news about our company, our products and applications. Useful knowledge, such as assembly instructions, handbooks, software and a great deal of information, always available on your device as a download....

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Short-Catalogue Encoders and systems - 12

• Unique configurator for encoders • Ideal to quickly and reliably define your encoder • No matter which property you start with, you’ll always find your encoder It doesn’t get any easier Are you looking for an incremental or absolute encoder, but don't know which is actually right for your application? Then visit Independently of chronological order, you select the configuration from the possible selection fields in seconds and get a PDF with all of the specifications and drawings for precisely the device that you need. Also ideal for comparing...

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