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Automation GmbH & Co. KG •Top priority: operation reliability • Plug & Play • Suitable for rough and changing environments • Satiesfied customers world wide Industrie ROBUST

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Packaging Experts Foodstuffs must be packaged securely in order to reach consumers in undamaged condition. Econo-Pak is a company with machines specialised in this task. Their solutions are used worldwide - supported by Wachendorff encoders. Ice cream, biscuits or dishwasher tablets are usually found on supermarket shelves in colourful folding boxes. These days the automatic machines that place the finished products into these boxes are an important and accepted component of production lines. They are particularly common in the food industry: Goods cannot be temporarily stored - at the end...

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vive. Anything that does not pass the tests is removed and replaced by other solutions by the Wachendorff developers. The moulding of all larger components and the cable connections on the circuit board also ensures robustness - this means that everything stays in place and securely connected even in the event of strong vibrations. Many Wachendorff products are also used in mobile work machines, in mining and in onshore/offshore areas, where they are exposed to particularly adverse conditions. In addition the temperature range is examined in a climatic chamber, where extreme fluctuations...

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MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG Image 4 The path for a cardboard packaging cycle. It is initially folded, then filled and finally sealed. Image 7 The machine‘s aren‘t just developed in Flonheim but assembled there as well. This machine is almost ready for shipping. Image 6 Wachendorff encoders determine the exact position of the cardboard packaging. Their impulses provide information to the control on when the next process substep can be triggered. Image 9 Ullrich Dettweiler fits a Wachendorff encoder. The type used here is available with between 2 and 25000 pulses. The customer can...

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MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG Encoder Image 10 Econo-Pak National Distribution Manager Markus Zerbe, Wachendorff Engineer Fouad Boudraa and Ralf von Landenberg in discussion. Any Questions? Just call +49 (0) 6722/9965-242, send us an E-mail at or call your local distributor: Your distributor: MflCHENDORFF Wachendorff Automation GmbH & Co. KG Industriestrasse 7 • D-65366 Geisenheim

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