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MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG • Global market leader by innovative technology • Incredibly fast and tenth of a millimetre • Position of the blade arm • Distance measurement of the workpiece • High pulse rate, high bearing loads

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Tube welding expert Schöler relies on Wachendorff encoders Not far from the old Hanseatic City of Lübeck and just a short drive from the beaches of the Baltic Sea is Pansdorf, a small town in Schleswig Holstein. This is where Schöler is based, among the guesthouses, farms and cornfields. The engineering company specialises in the development and manufacture of thin-wall tubes and fins. The family business was founded in 1928 as a design office and has undergone a breathtaking expansion since then. Today, 160 employees design and build machines mainly for the manufacture of heat exchangers...

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for Wachendorff, as optimal solutions and absolute customer satisfaction are top priority. The robustness of Wachendorff components was another decisive factor for Thomas Ossoulenko. „Most of the components used in our equipment are manufactured in-house, in order to meet our own quality standards. We choose our suppliers very carefully and accept only the best quality.“ All shafts used in Wachendorff encoders have double bearings with no play, resulting in extreme durability. That is why Thomas Ossoulenko continues to rely on Wachendorff products and ensures that equipment from the...

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Image 5 Encoder counter (Wachendorff): The second encoder calculates the exact speed of the finished tube in order to determine the exact time of the cut. This ensures that the tube sections have the desired length to the nearest millimetre. Image 6 Board (Wachendorff): This is where the brains of the tube cutting equipment are located. The controller has been developed by Schöler. Both Wachendorff encoders supply important information. Any Questions? Just call +49 (0) 6722/9965-242, send us an E-mail at or call your local distributor:...

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