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Industrial Robots - 1

MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG • Complex tasks • Incredibly quick cycle times • Adjustable contact pressure • Measuring wheels for every surface • Selectable resolutions • Fast and flexible mounting

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Industrial Robots - 2

Measuring systems As if by Magic No human can do it as quickly and as precisely. Modern robots can move workpieces around at a speed that you could once only dream of. Precise measuring instruments are needed to avoid mistakes occurring due to the incredibly quick cycle times required in modern production. For this, the manufacturer Omron Adept Technologies GmbH of Dortmund relies on systems made by Wachendorff Automation. Small, mobile robots speed around almost without a sound – nothing more than snatches of the English language over a conference table. If it were not for the coffee...

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Industrial Robots - 3

MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG Measuring systems right up to the food industry,” explained the applications engineer. In addition, they should have the longest service life possible and a high-quality look and feel, matching the robust and durable products made by Omron Adept. The new length measuring systems - comprising a patented spring arm, rotary encoder measuring wheel and mounting bracket - were ordered straight away. The high expectations for this order were totally fulfilled. “It's especially practical that the contact pressure can be adjusted via the resolution on the base...

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Industrial Robots - 4

Measuring systems Image WA1601_3 The LMSMA2x/3x length measuring system from Wachendorff Automation can be elevated easily and held in a resting position. In this way, adjustments, maintenance or cleaning work on the belt can be done comfortably. The hand grip allows the arm to be returned back into action. Image WA1601_1a and WA1601_1b Adept Quattro is designed specifically for high-speed handling applications. This depends on very precise measurements – and these are just what is provided by Wachendorff Automation’s LMSMA2x/3x length measuring system. Image WA1601_4 In the applications...

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Industrial Robots - 5

Image WA1601_6 Wachendorff Automation’s LMSMA2x/3x length measuring system has also already been installed in the training room, where customers can make themselves familiar both with the handling and with the range of possibilities on offer. Measuring systems Image WA1601_5 Stephan Rump (right) of Wachendorff Automation provided consultation to Günter Graß (left) at the SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair in Nuremberg and was able to persuade him of the advantages of the new length and speed measuring tool. Any Questions? Just call +49 (0) 67 22 / 99 65- 414, or call your local...

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