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MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG • Smooth running system, quietest in the world • Fast up to 4 m/s • For heights up to 180 m • Complete system, easy to mount • Incremental and absolute measurement Rugged & Tough

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Aiming high with Silent Move A new belt system from Wachendorff ensures silence in the lift shaft. In the Ibbenbüren power station digital shaft copying has been employed in quite exceptional circumstances. For many decades the high towers and chimneys of the colliery and power station have dominated the landscape of the town of Ibbenbüren. Even the generator building, in which the steam-turbine of the power station is housed, is more than 100 metres in height. Anyone wishing to aim so high needs reliable lift technology, with qualities that meet the highest standards. For this reason the...

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which also offer CAN-, Liftopen- or SSI interfaces. For heights up to 70 metres there is a circumferential alternative - however in Ibbenbüren a guided-belt shaft copying system was used that is ideal for heights up to 120 metres. All Wachendorff encoders benefit from proven ruggedness in industrial use, as well as from a long service life. They also act as bearings, so no additional intermediate bearings are required for the special pulley. Complete systems that can be tailored to suit The quiet Silent Move shaft-copying systems are already preassembled and can be installed quickly and...

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Encoders Any Questions? Just call Dieter Schömel +49 (0) 67 22 / 99 65-10, send him an E-Mail at sco@wachendorff.de or call your local distributor. Please contact your local distributor:

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