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Civil and underground engineering - 1

e Continuous au robust CANopen en MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG • Perfect target reliability • Optimize speed • Consistent automation • Galvanically isolated CANopen communication • Operational safety and durability

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Civil and underground engineering - 2

MflCHENDORFF Automation GmbH & Co. KG mmmFaster drilling for faster Internet... automotive robust encoder ensures consistent automation Encoder Absolute CANopen encoders from Wachendorff provide position data in AT-Boretec machines for automatic pipe feeding. In the scope of the area-wide expansion of mainly rural regions with glass fiber, underground works are a common sight in residential areas and along through roads. To ensure that investments in high-speed broadband communications are not exceeding the budget estimates of the municipalities in road maintenance, underground construction...

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Civil and underground engineering - 3

on data to the controller via electrically isolated CANopen communication. The robust encoder operates magnetically and is parameterised for a resolution of 18 bits in multiturn operation. The WDGA multiturn encoders in protection class IP67 can operate with up to 43 bit resolution, in singleturn operation with up to 16 bit. For use in horizontal drills, the shock and vibration-resistant encoders are equipped with special bearings. They can support loads of 120 N axially and 220 N radially. Optionally, radial and axial bearing loads of up to 500 N each are also possible. In order not to...

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Civil and underground engineering - 4

Encoder WA2001_1 Horizontal drills from AT-Boretec are currently requested as machines for laying fiber optic cables in the course of broadband expansion. An absolute CANopen encoder from Wachendorff, among other sensors, ensures fast and accurate drilling as well as the automated reloading of the drill pipes. WA2001_2 Instead of digging long trenches, AT-Boretec‘s systems first drive the pilot duct from one excavation pit to the next by drilling and flushing at the same time. An absolute CANopen encoder from Wachendorff ensures that the drill pipes are automatically fed in. The highest...

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Civil and underground engineering - 5

WA2001_5 A spring-toothed wheel design from Wachendorff mechanically decouples the encoder and thus reduces unwanted forces on the sensor axis. The CANopen encoder from Wachendorff provides the control system with the necessary data for positioning the removal unit. WA2001_3 The machine operator no longer needs to leave his cabin to change the drill pipes. WA2001_4 The absolute CANopen encoder WDGA from Wachendorff is installed without any further protective enclosure. The shock and vibration-resistant sensor has been fitted with specially adapted bearings for this application. The CANopen...

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Civil and underground engineering - 6

WA2001_7 A status LED is integrated in the encoder housing to ensure operational reliability and rapid diagnosis in the event of an error. The CANopen encoder from Wachendorff provides the control system with the necessary data for positioning the removal unit for the drill pipes. Any Questions? Just call +49 (0) 67 22 / 99 65- 414send us an E-mail at or call your local distributor: Your distributor:

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