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Setting big things into motion. Crane control units

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Crane control units Crane control unit KST 30 swiveling Driver`s seat KFS 11 with a spring loaded hydraulic vibrations absorption system (pneumatic suspension system optional) High degree of comfort ergonomically designed Attachments monitor mounting(s), footrest, manual adjustment Inner consoles inclinable, lenght- and height-adjustabble Outer consoles command and indicating devices can be added based on customer`s choice Cross-member with swivel base zero-clearance bearings rotation can be locked in 3° steps Crane control unit KST 19 High degree of comfort ergonomically designed Consoles...

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Multi-axis controller V85 The allrounder friction brake optional flexible use through modular design long mechanical life up to 20 mio. cycle of operations in industrial use handles combinable with all Gessmann-grips external digital in-/outputs on all bus interfaces available interfaces - analog output - CAN-Bus (J1939, CANOpen, CANOpen Safety) - Profibus DP - Profinet and Profinet Safe functional safety PLd (EN ISO 13849) available

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Crane control units W. Gessmann GmbH Postfach 11 51 74207 Leingarten Eppinger Straße 221 74211 Leingarten

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