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3/8“ drain cleaning hose with drain cleaning rocket to clean waste water drains from 150 - 300 mm diameter. OERTZEN S power vacs for wet and dry applications are robust allround workers. High suction abilities and large waste tanks allow economic cleaning in less time. Sturdy plastic vessels and chassis, Waste tank liters Water tank liters are being effected by strong, robust battery and AC-drive (EL 350). Suction pressure mbar Moreover the BA 650 model is equipped with adjustable drive. Filter cleaning Waste tank liters Easy handling, functional equipment and trouble free maintenance - these advantages are the main features of all sweepers of the OERTZEN product range. and the like, artifical and natural stone as well as tiles create no problem for these machines. Thorough and preservative cleaning becomes profitable due to high working capacity guaranteed by a working width of 35 60 cm. Rolls, brushes and absorption Wet and dry vacs NT 43 NT 90-2 NT 90-3 WPS 90 (with pump) Spray extraction vac APS 30 Spring loaded hose reels - for 20m DN8 in varnished carbon steel or V2A - for wall mounting, optional swivelling feature Walk-behind scrubbers with mains connection EL 350 230V 350 420 12 Walk-behind scrubbers with battery drive BA 650 24V + 600 815 70 TIR internal tank cleaner Automatic cleaning of barrels, tanks and containers - various models available. SLUDGE PUMP Pumps sludge and liquids from containers, tanks and pits. Working outdoor on wet surface? Just operate the sweeper and shut down the vacuum. Or do you want a machine with two independent engines? Take a look at model 14000 Duo. Compact, fast, easy manoeuvrable the OERTZEN scrubbers. Professional wet-cleaning of PVC, linoleum Draining of underground shaft with sludge pump - high-pressure water transports sludge away rapidly. TURBO-BLASTER Combi-nozzle with rotating water jet insures substantial increase of impact and transportation properties of highpressure water. mech. mech. Waste tank liters TORNADO Water-sandblasting system with long-life borocarbide nozzle complete with helmet, visor, ear mufflers and protective glasses as well as a sand-container with sand suction hose. Accessory: waterproof overall Machines in three capacity ranges for clean, profitable work, even in gradient, narrow areas or corners. Quick, handy and solid - indoor and outdoor - with electric or gasoline engine drive - OERTZEN provides in any case the suitable sweeper. Walk-behind sweepers 8000 E electric 8000 H gasoline Ride-on sweepers 9500 E Comfort electric 9500 H Comfort gasoline 14000 Duo g/e/d MONSOON-VARIO Water-sandblasting system for softblasting on e.g. monuments - pressure and abrasives adjustable at pistol, for minimizing surface damage. Paint removal of obsolete signage on 200 m high chimney with water-sandblasting system TORNADO and high-pressure unit E 320 - even with 150 m height still 285 bar at the nozzle. OERTZEN sweepers, scrubbers, wet & dry vacuums for floors of any size and any kind - indoor and outdoor. Original OERTZEN accessories* at work. Ensuring highest cleaning efficiency. micro filters and rich accessories complete the serial equipment. All wet and dry vacs come with a level switch to shutdown the machine in order to prevent water from penetrating the turbines. Filters can be re-used, versatile accessories cover all possible applications. As an option OERTZEN vacs are also available as three phase models. High-Pressure For A Cleaner World OERTZEN appointed dealer: Floor cleaner BRW 470 INOX Perfect cleanliness in less time for food and beverage industry, hotels and restaurants *please ask for ORIGINAL ACCESSORIES leaflet. DRAIN CLEANING SET Rocket nozzle, rocket drill nozzle, rotating turbo rocket nozzle 1/4“, 3/8“ GB 01/13 Hose reels - for transporting, securing and storing long hoses - high quality swivel joints on all models OERTZEN presents a complete range of cleaning systems for industry and commerce

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The full OERTZEN product range. Cleaning systems for your industry. For your requirements. Heater module Gasoline/diesel engine, hot water Our recommendation for your industry Pump capacity A domestic sales organisation of 10 branches in Germany as well as specialized importers in many countries worldwide ensure competent advice when difficult cleaning problems have to be solved. A comprehensive network of service centres guarantees reliable service support. Pumps with or without heater Electric or combustion engine drive Fixed or mobile installations Versatile accessories that increase...

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