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Vital Parts High Temp Masking Brochure

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iVital-Parts I^^hI'W e mould around you The Vital Parts Masking Guide 2017/18

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As one of the top UK suppliers of high temperature masking products into the Powder Coating, Shot Blasting & Anodizing industries we take pride in offering a range of high quality products, at affordable prices. We offer a reliable and efficient service with solutions ready to be delivered in under 24 hours ensuring you are never left waiting for the parts you need. Customer Review "Vital Parts always provide a fast and efficient service when we need them most" - Curtis from CSP Shot Blasting We know that free samples are an essential step to finding the correct size for your application,...

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End Caps are ideal for covering exposed studs or protruding objects, slotting on to the end of your desired application. Silicone Caps 315°C+ S    For threaded/non-threaded studs S    Gives a high friction fit EPDM Caps 215°C+ S For threaded/non threaded studs S Perfect for anodizing uses S Acid and alkali resistant S Re-usable product Eze Caps 215 - 315°C+ S Available in a Silicone or EPDM S For paint/electroplating/blasting S Easy to use grab tab S Sizes from 4 - 36mm IVjtal-Parts e mould around you

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Plugs, Stoppers or Bungs as they can be known are excellent for filling or covering a hole and are a simple push to fit masking solution. Coming in a number of unique styles and fittings to suit. Silicone Tapered Plugs 315°C + S For threaded/non-threaded holes S Tapered to fit a range of hole sizes S Great value re-usable masking product S Sizes from 1-127mm Silicone Ribbed Plugs 315°C + S Ideal for use with threaded holes S    Ribbed for full thread sealing S    Pull handle for easy removal Silicone Washer Plugs 315°C + S    Protects both hole & washer    area S    Fits a range of sizes...

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EPDM Tapered Plugs 215°C + ✓ For threaded/non threaded holes ✓ Excellent acid/alkali resistance ✓    Perfect for anodizing uses Washer Masking Plugs 125°C + ✓ For threaded/non threaded holes Excellent acid/alkali resistance Flanged to cover washer area Sizes from 3-57mm IVjtal-Parts e mould around you

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Hooks, Masking Hooks or Hanging Hooks as you may know them are an essential product in any coaters or blasters masking arsenal for providing an even finish, allowing an object to be hung at a desired height. C-Hooks - Up to 900m long S    'C' Lipped design for sturdiness S    For use with large objects S    Provides full coverage S-Hooks - Up to 900mm long S 'S' lip design for a deep and sturdy hang S Versatile and reliable product S    Provides full coverage V-Hooks - Up to 900mm long S 'V' lip design for a versatile solution S Hooks onto a range of applications S Highest hanging weight in...

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Hooks are renowned for their high load capabilities and are fortified with copper plating to provide the highest of temperature resistance. Below we have provided the load ratings for each style of Hook that we offer, this includes C, V & S. IVjtal-Parts e mould around you

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Polyester Film Tape - 220°C + S Good for basic/advanced masking applications S Best value choice of high temp masking tape S Reliable silicone pressure adhesive S Available in widths up to 1200mm Polyimide Film Tape - 260°C + S Ideal for very high temp masking S Reliable silicone pressure adhesive S    Versatile and more flexible Glass Cloth Tape - 180°C + S Excellent abrasion resistance for blasting uses S Strong and reliable masking product S    Reliable silicone pressure adhesive IVjtal-Parts e mould around you

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Crepe Paper Tape - 165°C + S Popular choice for basic masking applications S Similar properties to paper painters tape S    Strong acrylic pressure adhesive Available in specific shapes to suit Extremely versatile masking solution Reliable Silicone pressure adhesive Comes in a number of materials IVjtal-Parts e mould around you Available in the following materials: Polyester 220°C + Polyimide 260°C + Crepe Paper 165°C +

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"As a Wheel refurb company we specialize in Alloy's. These really help us increase efficiency and are a go-to product for us. " - Kent Alloy Refurb co ✓ Produced from a Crepe Paper ✓ High temp resistant up to 165°C ✓ Reliable Silicone pressure adhesive ✓ Easy to stick on and use Available in 145, 150, 155, 160 & 200mm variants for all wheel sizes. IVjtal-Parts e mould around you

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Below we have outlined some of the key sizes available for certain parts featured in this brochure, along with the technical properties that specific materials have to offer. Material Guide Table [Vjtal-Parts e mould around you

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Finding Us Based in Maidstone, Kent we keep over 1,000,000 components in stock ready for next day delivery at all times, ensuring we have the product you require, when you need it. Unit 17 Palace Industrial Estate - ME15 9XU

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