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About Vistar (Xiamen) Industries Co.,Ltd.

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Vistar (Xiamen) Industries Co.,Ltd. \nsk»c e create the future /S| sr“" Manufacture DUCHGROUP m-stKmmmm .

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Company Profile 6-in-1 3D Printing Production Chain Strength of Our Production Chain 3D Printing Product Catalog Our Vision and Future Development Plan After-sales Services and Contact Info

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Vistar (Xiamen) Industries Co.,Ltd. Company Profile

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Who are we? Vistar (Xiamen) Industries Co., Ltd, a 3D printing company which fully owned by its holding company DUCH GROUP, was established at 2016 in the beautiful harbor city – Xiamen, Fujian Province, China. We are a full production chain service provider that provides: • R&D, production and sales of 3D printing equipment and materials • B2M personalized cloud service platform • 3D printing cloud service platform • 3D printing production chain application system solution We are the only big scale sole manufacturer in China that is able to provide small batch outsourcing production...

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6-in-1 3D Printing Production Chain

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3D Printing Production Chain Currently, all the countries in the world use Industry 4.0 as a strategy for country development, and trying to conquer the toppest of industrial pilot projects. An important characteristic of Industry 4.0 is personalized customization, and among all the technologies within this category, 3D printing is the latest with its technology and equipment. Therefore, all the advanced countries, including the developing ones like China, are seeing 3D printing as one of their most important tools to develop the country. Duch Group also uses 3D printing as its development...

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R & D , P r o d uc t i o n a n d Sa l e s o f 3D P r i n t i n g Eq ui pm e n t First aspect of the 6-in-1 production chain is R&D, production and sales of 3D printing equipment. We develop and manufacture SLA, SLS, SLM, liquid metal 3D printing, and 3D bioprinting (planned). Duch reserves copyright to all the controlling software related to 3D printing.

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R & D , P r o d uc t i o n a n d Sa l e s o f 3D P r i n t i n g M a t e r i a l s Second aspect of the 6-in-1 production chain is R&D, production and sales of 3D printing materials. Duch Group possesses independent 3D printer laboratory and development system, also has well experienced technicians. It currently has established a comprehensive 3D printing material R&D, production and sales, quality control is guaranteed from development to production. Duch Group currently offers different types of 3D printing materials, including various type of photosensitive resin, nylon glass fiber,...

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Est a b l i sh I n t e l l i g e n t 3D P r i n t i n g M a n ufa c t ur i n g Ba s e Third aspect of the 6-in-1 production chain is to establish intelligent 3D printing manufacturing base globally. Currently, we already have three 3D printing bases in Xiamen, Chongqing and Suzhou respectively, plus 100+ self-developed printing equipment, specializing in technical support in SLA, SLM, SLD…etc, using a variety of rapid prototyping methods. We are able to make industry 4.0 personalized customization possible, and always be on the leading position within the industry, thanks to our in house...

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Forth aspect of the 6-in-1 production chain is to establish Internet B2M personalized customization platform. Through this platform, we organically integrated designer resources, 100 bases, equipment providers and material providers. We have our customer service and consumer info integrated in our e-commerce platform, which allows automatic price quote, remote payment, remote control and remote preview.

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Fifth aspect of the 6-i n-1 production chain is industry segmentation solutions. Based on the demand of each particular industry, Duch has segmented 3D printing into different industrial categories, including automotive, medical, dental, art, fashion, electronics and footwear. Each industry uses different printing speed, precision and surface finish, in order to satisfy all types of applications and development.

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Systemic Solution Provider Last aspect of the 6-in-1 production chain is to provide systemic solution directly from Duch Group, from choosing sites, department planning, decoration design, equipment application, material application to post-processing solution (like national policies), to achieve truly resolving all the industry application issues for customers, satisfy customers’ demand and vision. Under such assistance, customers will be able to maximize benefits from owning our equipment.

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Advantages of Our Production Chain

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Software Hardware Structure appearance Process Assist printing Trademarked original design Resin will be poured into each machine and perform a 1 full week of physical printing tests before packaging and shipping, to ensure equipment accruacy and able to operate properly after customers received the shipment. High-quality key parts: • German scanlab galvanometer • Japan Yaskawa servo motor • Taiwan high-precision screw • Jinan blue marble platform • Aviation aluminum alloy high-precision Z-axis module • Japan Panasonic detection sensor controller • High-profile industrial Computer host...

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26 Advantages of SIRIUS Software in Protofab 3D Printer 01 Support multiple operation systems (Linux, Windows). Sirius in Linux is first created in the world by us. Sirius can make printing process faster as it’s “dummy friendly”, smart, easy to learn and operate. Linux Desktop can be used if customer requires external cloud service, like Wechat monitor. Supports printing status, printing condition, printing environment temperature and humidity (optional), and multiple printing machines status checking through Wechat. Linux Server can be used if customer desires large-scale printing base,...

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26 Advantages of SIRIUS Software in Protofab 3D Printer 20 Built in Wifi, can be connected other than using ethernet cable. Remote printing data transfer, can perform printing at anywhere at anytime. Model files loading supports manual and auto composing, nearly worry free. Critical laser light path parts lifespan alert (optional). Auto refill resin, auto 24/7 monitoring, beginners no longer have to worry about resin level (optional). Remote process viewing, remote management (optional). Door will be opened automatically after printing is complete. No longer need to worry about resin...

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