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Multielement (8E – 32E) MCTInAsSb detectors


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Multielement (8E – 32E) MCTInAsSb detectors - 1

MWIR and LWIR HgCdTe and InAsSb linear arrays VIGO System introduces a line of MWIR and LWIR arrays and related detection modules. The devices are based on HgCdTe or InAsSb detectors and can be optimized for operation at any wavelength within the 3 to 14 um spectral range. They operate at ambient temperature or with Peltier coolers. FEATURES • High sensitivity • High-speed response • From DC to a few MHz • Low drift of output signals • Compact small size and weight packages • Convenient cryogenic-free operation • Customizable array formats, spectral range, responsivity and other parameters • Customizable signal processing circuits • Customizable mechanical layout • USB digital interface for easy integration, electronic development minimalization • Microprocessor signal processing like filtering, response linearization etc. APPLICATIONS • Slow and fast contactless temperature measurement (railway transport, industrial and laboratory processes monitoring) • Spectroscopy (gas detection, breath analysis) • Flame and explosion detection • Defense and security • Laser beam profiling and positioning • Garbage sorting systems Array format e-mail: ra VIGO Sy

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