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Affordable MWIR InAsSb IR detection module


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Affordable MWIR InAsSb IR detection module - 1

NEW! NIIGOSYSTEM Affordable MWIR InAsSb detection module VIGO System offers the smallest on the market environmentally friendly MWIR detection modules with stable uncooled InAsSb photovoltaic detectors integrated with low noise preamplifiers. Uncooled MWIR InAsSb detector integrated with low noise preamplifier TO-8 / OEM submount Small size: chip dimension - 10 x 10 x 3 mm3 Low power consumption RoHS compliance Immune to EMI DC / AC operation Large dynamic range Reduced fringing option Convenient in use Customizable size, spectral response and signal processing circuits SPI / USB digital output available soon PARAMETERS @20°C Exemplary spectral detectivity, the spectral response of delivered device may differ. Monitoring of industrial and laboratory processes Laser power monitoring and control APPLICATIONS • MWIR spectroscopy (gas, liquids and solids analysis) • Temperature measurement • Laser metrology

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