Affordable MWIR InAsSb IR detection module


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Affordable MWIR InAsSb IR detection module VIGO System introduces the smallest on the market environmentally friendly MWIR detection modules with stable uncooled InAsSb photovoltaic detectors integrated with low noise preamplifiers. • Uncooled MWIR InAsSb detector integrated with low noise preamplifier • TO-8 / OEM submount • Small size: chip dimension - 10 x 10 x 3 mm3 • Low power consumption • RoHS compliance • Immune to EMI • DC / AC operation • Large dynamic range • Reduced fringing option • Convenient in use • Customizable size, spectral response and signal processing circuits • SPI / USB digital output available soon SPECTRAL RESPONSE @20°C A, pm Exemplary spectral detectivity, the spectral response of delivered device may differ. Monitoring of industrial and laboratory processes Laser power monitoring and control APPLICATIONS • MWIR spectroscopy (gas, liquids and solids analysis) • Temperature measurement • Laser metrology e-mail:

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