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WHOLE TREE CHIPPER REPLACEABLE WEAR PARTS. High-wear material flow areas of the machine, such as the drum, discharge chute, cutter housing and infeed conveyor floor, are designed with replaceable bolt-in wear parts to extend machine life. CONVENIENT CONTROL. A remote control allows operators to view engine parameters and change a variety of settings. ENGINE POWER. A CAT C13 Tier 4 Final engine provides 440 hp (328 kW) of power to meet your jobsite demands. A Tier 3 engine option is available for less-regulated countries. INCREASE PRODUCTIVITY. With technology such as SmartCrush to automatically increase down pressure when difficult material enters the cutting drum, and the variable-speed dual-infeed conveyor chains, operators can concentrate on loading the machine, not pushing the material through. OPTIMAL CUTTING PERFORMANCE. Two knife options, with depths of cut of 3/8" (.9 cm) or 5/8" (1.6 cm), allow the operator to select the knife that meets their end product sizing needs. JOBSITE MOBILITY. The WC2300XL has a compact design and built-in skidder grab on the tongue, allowing it to be moved around on the jobsite by a skidder or excavator.

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WC2300XL - 2

WC2300XL WHOLE TREE CHIPPER GENERAL DIMENSIONS Infeed roller width: 34" (86.4 cm) Infeed roller weight: 575 lb (260.8 kg) Weight – engine option one: 32,700 lb (14,832.5 kg) Infeed roller diameter: 28" (71.1 cm) Weight – engine option two: 35,000 lb (15,875.7 kg) Feed table width: 98" (284.9 cm) Tongue weight – engine option one: 6750 lb (3061.7 kg) Feed table length: 10' (3 m) Tongue weight – engine option two: 7300 lb (3311.2 kg) Feed conveyor type: Dual independent chain Sound power – engine option one: 119 dBa Sound power – engine option two: 118.1 dBa Model: Caterpillar C13 Tier 3...

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