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irst thing you notice with Vermeer TE and TR Series Tedders is the unique hook-shaped double tines; AND the advan- tages they offer over straight tines. Higher output. Cleaner crop pick up thats thorough, gentle and versatile. Vermeer ғHook Tines ... Vermeer ԓhook > tines move sideways and backwards, minimizing breakage. Vermeer ԓHook Tines are BUILT TO LAST follow the ground in a trailing position, picking up the crop ԗ short or long avoiding crop contamination from excessive digging and allowing you to דhit the low spots between the rotors. > ԅ and the only tedder tines in the fi eld...

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orking in high moisture climates? Or above normal rainfall? Or, just interested in closing the gap between cutting and baling? Vermeer hook-tineӔ Tedders offer you all the choices you need to shorten the drying times and reduce nutritional losses in your downed hay and forage. These are the tedders with the exclusive hook-shape tine design for clean, bottoms-upӔ tedding action, reduced tine breakage, better handling and cleaner performance on rolling hills or diffi cult contours. > Designed and built for a heavy-diet of tedding action. Eight rotors. 33.5 feet of tedding action. And yet, the...

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DIMENSIONS: Working width Tedding position 33.5 ft (10.20 m) 17.0 ft (5.20 m) 9.8 ft (3.0 m) Windrow position ח 9.2 ft (2.8 m) Windrow width ח 2.6 ft - 5.2 ft (0.78m - 1.58 m)SPECIFICATIONS: Transport width 9.8 ft (3.00 m) 9.0 ft (2.75 m) 8.3 ft (2.53 m) Transport height 9.5 ft (2.90 m) 8.5 ft (2.60 m) 8.5 ft (2.6 m) Transport length 18.9 ft (5.75 m) 8.5 ft (2.6 m) Height and angle Infi nitely adjustable via Infi nitely adjustable Rotor tire adjustments hydraulic ram adjustment via spindle* & rotor & top link & rotor tire adjustments tire adjustments adjustments Tedding angle 10 - 17а 10 -...

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