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TG9000 tub grinder - 2

Bring relentless grinding power to your operation. The Vermeer TG9000 is designed for contractors and municipalities who demand more power and higher grinding production in their operations. Whether grinding trees and brush in a land-clearing project or large-scale processing of organic waste - the most powerful member of the Vermeer line of tub grinders will be ready. The TG9000 is available with a CAT twin-turbocharged diesel engine. A PT Tech gear reduction transmission is controlled by a microprocessor with built-in torque limiter to help protect vital engine parts. A Vermeer-exclusive...

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TG9000 tub grinder - 3

CAT Diesel Engine. A fuel-injected engine provides 1125 hp (838.9 kW) for exceptional power and fuel economy. The engine is equipped with an extra-large cooling system, reducing the risk of overheating, even in the most demanding conditions.

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TG9000 tub grinder - 4

Radial Stacking Conveyor. The rear discharge conveyor oscillates 60 degrees allowing the operator to change placement of the processed material without moving the machine. The conveyor may be equipped with an optional magnetic head pulley to help remove ferrous materials, resulting in a more useful end product.

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TG9000 tub grinder - 5

Control Panel. A centralized control station provides the operator real-time performance information and full instrumentation. The control panel is also equipped with diagnostic ports for monitoring systems and troubleshooting. PT Tech Wet Clutch. Gear reduction transmission optimizes horsepower and torque transfer from engine to mill. No daily maintenance/adjustments required, outside of oil levels and scheduled service intervals. Remote Control. The convenient remote control enables a user to operate the TG9000 from another location. The remote control also provides real-time machine...

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TG9000 tub grinder - 6

Weight at axles: 69,000 lb (31,297.9 kg) Weight at kingpin: 31,000 lb (14,061.4 kg) Length (transport): 45' (13.7 m) Width (transport): 11.9' (3.6 m) Model: CAT C32 Tier 2 Aspiration: Twin-turbocharged Number of cylinders: 12 Gross hp @ full load: 1125 hp (838.9 kW) Electrical system: 24 V Fuel-tank capacity: 635 gal (2403.7 L) Fuel consumption rate @ full load: 56.7 gph L (215 L/hr) Axle rating: 22,000 lb (9071.8 kg) each Axles: 4 Tires: 255/70R 22.5 (4 per axle; 16 total) Brakes: Air-actuated drum Radio remote control functions: Machine stop, engine throttle, tub speed, tub manual...

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TG9000 tub grinder - 7

Opening: 32.5" x 70" (82.6 cm x 177.8 cm) Speed: 1,100 rpm Cutter tip diameter: 36.4" (92.5 cm) Main bearings: 5.5" (14 cm) spherical rollers Breaker bar: 2.5" x 4" (6.4 cm x 10.2 cm) T-1 Screens: 1" (2.5 cm) thick A / R 400 with various hole sizes Main shaft diameter: 8" (20.3 cm) Hammers: 22 Number of cutter blocks: 22 Cutter tip options: 3.5" (8.9 cm) wide 2-bolt or 2.75" (7 cm) wide x 5" (12.7 cm) tall 2-bolt Cutter retention: 2 grade 8-bolt Rods diameter: 2.5" (6.4 cm) DUPLEX DRUM OPTION Center retention: 2" (5.1 cm) Drum skin thickness: 1.5" (3.8 cm) Hammers: 10 Hammer dimensions: 2"...

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TG9000 tub grinder - 8

T H E V E R M E E R D E A L E R N E T W O R K : RELIABLE SUPPORT, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Vermeer Corporation Pella, Iowa 50219 U.S.A. Phone: (641) 628-3141 Fax: (641) 621-7773 International fax: +1 (641) 621-7730 Vermeer Latin America Valinhos, SP - Brazil Phone: +55 19 3881-3848 Fax: +55 19 3881-3848, ext. 108 Vermeer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS) the Netherlands Phone: +31 113 272700 Fax: +31 113 272727 Call toll-free 1-888-VERMEER 1-888-837-6337 (USA only) Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components....

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