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Equipped with industry-leading safety features A narrow width of 35" (88.9 cm) allows entry through most standard gates. Additionally the SC252 is able to maneuver in tight work areas by disengaging one of the drive wheel locks. Since Vermeer introduced the stump cutter in 1957, we have carved a reputation in the industry for intelligent design features, uncompromising strength, and relentless power. With this same mindset, Vermeer designed the SC252. Safety is an important factor in the treecare and rental industries. The SC252 design is equipped with exclusive safety features, such as the...

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Stump Cutter The patent-pending Yellow Jacket Cutter System features a universal tooth that can accommodate all cutting positions on the cutter wheel. Plus, each tooth is designed with two cutting edges. With the second edge protected from primary wear while the first edge is engaged, when the tooth becomes indexed to the second position, the opposite edge provides a like-new cutting surface for extended tooth life. SC252 Specifications General Weight: 1040 lb (471.4 kg) Length (with cutter guard): 115" (292 cm) Width (with STD drive wheels): 35" (88.9 cm) Height: 53" (134.6 cm) Engine Make...

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The Vermeer dealer network: Reliable support, all over the world. With nearly 200 locations across the globe - you’re never far from an independent, authorized Vermeer dealer. Our dealers are in place to support your success with product expertise that’s second to none. Vermeer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS) P.O. Box 323 4460 AS Goes the Netherlands Phone: +31 113 272700 Fax: +31 113 272727 When you need service, you can count on your local Vermeer dealer. With multiple locations, remote service trucks, and factory-offered technician training, your local Vermeer dealer offers...

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