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SA400 high pressure muD pump

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This mud pump will deliver the consistent flow of drilling fluid that is vital to HDD pipeline drilling projects. Suction inlet valve suspends charged flow during drill rod makeup and breakout process, keeping excess drilling fluid from escaping as drill pipes separate. The lubrication pump is driven off the auxiliary pad on the engine. It provides 55 psi (3.8 bar) of continuous crankshaft lubrication. The internal hydraulic reservoir has a capacity of 49 gal (185.5 L). Clutch with continuous duty throw-out bearing allows for longer pump disengagement during drill rod makeup/breakout....

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SA400 High Pressure Mud Pump Literature - 3

A triplex piston pump produces up to 435.3 gpm (1647.8 L/min), providing a continuous flow of drilling fluid during drill operations. An electric centrifugal pump provides constant flow, keeping the pump running cool and leading to a longer life for both pistons and liners. Remote pendant control allows operator to mount controls where it makes sense for them. The remote pendant control monitors mud rate and eliminates the need for stroke counter. The integrated liner wash tank eliminates the need for additional water containers or electricity when running the pump. An engine-mounted air...

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Specifications Additional Components General Weights and Dimensions Weight: 26,600 lb (12,065.6 kg) Length: 19.1' (5.8 m) Width: 91.1" (231.4 cm) Height: 78" (198.1 cm) Controls Onboard: Open control station Remote: Tethered control box reaches 120' (36.6 m) Power Source Power source description: Non-detachable, onboard, open engine bay Engine description: CAT C9 or C9.3 ACERT IOPU EPA certification family: Tier 3 (EU Stage IIIA) or Tier 4i (EU Stage IIIB) Fuel type: Diesel Rated power: 350 hp (257.4 kW) Rated engine speed: 1800 rpm Fuel tank capacity: 191 gal (723 L) Electrical system:...

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