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Cut-out clutch protectiontotally eliminates hot or burned out discs in accidental overfill and overload situations (a fairly common problem with friction slip clutch protection, especially if the baler is overpowered or overfilled.) Constant velocity PTO eliminates chatter when baling; auto-lock allows you to free up both hands to ensure easier hookups. > ith the new Vermeer Super M-Series, everything has changed. The quality of the package. The density of the bale. The simplicity of the operation. The pickup and bale wrapping process. Everything from the new baler pickup assembly to the...

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ompare the Vermeer Super M-Series Baler with the competition. Note the difference in the pickup wheels, hubs, axles, spindles and tire sizes. Compare the drive shafts, bearings and sprockets. Check out the difference in the gauge of the steel (in panels, tines, and strippers.) If youre serious about making hay, this is the baler you want! Vermeer Super M Balers feature rust-resistant yellow zinc- plated hardware throughout. Reinforced steel side shields feature flex-fit latches and a restraining system for extra protection when traveling at higher speeds. Recommended tractor horsepower for...

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The Vermeer Netwrap System is simple, easy to load, easy to feed, and it totally eliminates the need for rubber feed rollers or feed belts. It also accommodates storage for an extra roll. FeedPositionHome/CutPosition > uper M operators can actually speed up the wrapping cycle using a patent-pending Auto-Start Advance process that triggers the bale wrapping function, even when the bale is completing its final rotation within the chamber. Robust twine tie mechanism.Optional working lights on the side pan-els and in the netwrap area help keep you operating through the night. > The...

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hat's behind all the differences in Super M Series Balers?SIMPLICITY! EVERYWHERE! From the baler pickup assembly to twine feeding. From bale formation and density to bale ejection. From Drop 'n Go to a smoother, simpler NetWrap. And, nowhere is simplicity more evident than in the Bale EXpert Monitor. Hi-resolution bale shape sensors, positioned on a center belt (605 Super M models only) and both outside belts, instantly feed electronic bale formation data to the monitor.Simple hydraulic control setting allows you to make great looking bales at any density; and its easy to access. A...

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Bale diameter 36" (.91 m) to 72" (1.83 m) 36" (.91 m) to 72" (1.83 m) Bale width 61" (1.55 m) 47" (1.19 m) Bale weight 2,400 lbs. (1089 kg) > dependent on crop 2,000 lbs. (907 kg) > dependent on crop Maximum Silage Bale: 3000 lbs. (1361 kg) Maximum Silage Bale: 2500 lbs. (1134 kg) > FORMING BELTS Number and Width Eight 6.8" (17.27 cm) 3 ply Six 6.8" (17.27 cm) 3 ply w/Alligator > Ԯ Rivet Lace w/Alligator > Rivet LaceLength Four - 45' (13.71 m) Three - 45' (13.71 m) Four - 44' 5" (13.53 m) Three - 44' 5" (13.53 m) > DRIVE SYSTEM Driveline 80ΰ CV, 540 or 1,000 RPM 80 CV, 540 or 1,000 RPM...

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