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Raking widths, windrow widths, basket lift and folding/unfolding systems are all controlled from the tractor seat on the R2800. Hydraulic control on demand with cab- mounted Command II Monitor. Hydraulic windrow width control Rear tires can be located inside or outside Hydraulic basket lift, up to 14" front and rear, enables you to clear raked end rows. Large caster-type wheels allows you to match the windrow to your baler pickup from 2.5' to 7' in width. (3' to 6' on the R2300.) the mainframe depending on raking requirements. (STR205/75R14 Radial on the R2800; 27 x 9.50 x 15 on the R2300)...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 3

igh capacity. Smooth, quiet, gentle handling. Speed. Reliability. Whether youre baling 100 acres or 1,000 acres, Vermeer TwinRakes are built to last and designed to handle most kinds of heavy crops, rugged conditions and tight schedules. And when the rakingҒs done, theyre road ready Җ with transport widths as narrow as 8' 6". These are the rakes that keep on running and maintain their value long after others have worn out. > he answer to great-looking bales lies in the windrows you prepare. The better theyre formed, the easier they bale; and, in the end, the greater the feed value of the...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 4

mean better sweeping action! Rubber-mounted tines reduce replacement costs. > RAKINGS WIDTHS: R2800: 19' - 28' R2300: 18' - 23' Low-friction nylon basket hanger bushings. Twin 6-bar baskets (7-bar on R2800) Heavy built. Low maintenance. Features a rugged frame, with round cross-section toolbar. Grease-free windrow width slide adjustments. Hydraulic windrow width control Optional basket speed control allows you to match windrows to your baler pickup ŗ from 3' to 6'. (2.5 to 7Ғ on the R2800.) lets you adjust raking action to crop and field conditions independent of ground speed. >

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 5

he classic Vermeer R2300 is built for efficiency and convenience. It gets you in and out of a field fast. You wont need to leave the tractor seat since you can hydraulically adjust raking widths from 18 to 23 feet or hydraulically adjust windrow widths from 3 to 6 feet to accommodate different crops, haying conditions and to produce the right windrow for your balerҒs pickup width. hats the key to great looking bales? The right kind of windrows; windrows that accommodate your pickup width, as well as weather and environmental conditions. By utilizing the R2300/2800 basket rake adjustment...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 6

4-bar parallel linkage on rear of slide mechanism increases support and flexibility. Rugged construction! 6"x 8" cross frame; 5/16" wall thickness. Rear-mounted wheel rakes complete the windrow after it passes through the rear of the frame. > This creates better flow and reduces the amount of confinement to the windrow in its final stage of forming. > Optional 2-wheel splitter system turns the center windrow. Parallel linkage and fully articulated toolbars mean better handling on contours and uneven terrain. > An adjustable, telescoping central drawbar Simple windrow width swivel adjustment...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 7

Seven wheels on the ground! > Ů Includes an exclusive, center-beam-support bogieӔ wheel to significantly improve overall stability and durability of the frame. An optional rake wheel extension kit, mounted on the front of the frame, lets you add extra rake wheels (from 18 to 20), and another 3' 8" (maximum) to your overall raking width. > 4-bar parallel linkage > on the rear of sliding mechanism. > Caster-style wheels offer better maneuverability; reduce scuffingӔ on tight turns. Ruggedly-built with a highly flexible frame. Centrally located pivot points along the toolbar verically flex 10Ű...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 8

Simple, center-mounted fold mechanism hydraulically raises rake arms for transport. Eight, ten and twelve rake wheel models with an optional center wheel for more thorough raking. Raking widths: WR-20 17' 4" - 18' 0" WR-22 ֖ 20' 6" - 20' 10" WR-24 23' 4" - 23' 9" Rake arms are positioned infinitely along the trolley-type frame. Extra-wide wheelbase provides added stability. Shock absorbing suspension springs (on each rake arm) help soften the jolts and impacts from rough ground. >

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 9

ntroducing both 8 and 10 wheel rake capacities on the same frame ֖ by simply pivoting the front rake wheel on each side up or Dual rake assemblies float, pivot and create fluffy windrows for big bale systems. The crop- driven fingerwheels feature heavy-duty, sealed roller bearings for long wear and reduced maintenance. Highly flexible, tightly spaced tines (40 per wheel) gently sweep the crop toward the center at operating speeds up to 14 mph. Choose 10 Wheel or 8 Wheel setups. Select by pivoting the extra wheel on the front of each frame up or down. Maximum 17'4" raking widths with 8...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 10

Hydraulic lift and tilt Single pin gearbox cam adjustment to adjust windrow formation for a variety of crop conditions Removable tine carriers (with storage location) for narrow transport Flip up protection frame Walking tandem axles and robust gearbox designFull 360 degree guarding Adjustable rake heightRadial pin driveline clutch Walking tandem axles and robust gearbox designFull 360а degree guarding Adjustable rake heightRadial pin driveline clutch for narrow transport >

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 11

SPECIFICATIONS: TIRES: 205/60-15 (4) 205/60-15 (4 additional; 2 optl) 205/60-15 (4 additional; 2 optҒl) 205/60-15 (7) 205/60-15 (7) WRX12 WRX14 WRX16 WRX18 WRX20 Rake Wheels 12 14 16 18 20 Minimum HP Requirements: 35 hp (26 kW) 35 hp (26 kW) 40 hp (30 kW) 40 hp (30 kW) 40 hp (30 kW) Minimum Hydraulic Pressure: 1,200 psi 1,200 psi 1,200 psi 1,200 psi 1,200 psi Maximum Speed 14 mph (22km/h) 14 mph (22km/h) 14 mph (22 km/h) 14 mph (22km/h) 14 mph (22km/h) Minimum Required Tractor Weight 3,600 lbs. (1636) 3,600 lbs. (1636) 2,600 lbs. (1,182 kg) 2,400 lbs. (1,091 kg) 2,400 lbs. (1,091 kg)...

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R2300 / R2800 TwinRakes - 12

ROUND BALERS | HAY RAKES I MOWERS | MOWER CONDITIONERS | BALE PROCESSORS | TEDDERS 605M BalerTR90 Rebel Tedder/Rake 5410 Rebel ή Baler8040 Mower MC840 Mower ConditionerTM800 Rebel BLADE RETENTION SYSTEM BLADE RETENTION SYSTEM BLADE RETENTION SYSTEM And you can tour one of the most sophisticated, high-tech manufacturing operations in the world , with roughly 1.5 million square feet under roof. Were headquartered in AmericaҒs heartland (Pella, Iowa) family-owned Ņ founded in 1948 and manufacture and market roughly 125 different agricultural and industrial products worldwide. mower...

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