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New! Patented! Threadless blade retention means ҅ Only one tool required. No need to lock down discs to prevent rotation. Lower profile design reduces blade wear and promotes clean cutting action. Fewer parts to handle and replace; reduces replace-ment time and costs, in less than 20 seconds per blade. Increased blade pivot surface area. Standard on all Vermeer Disc-Style Mowers and Mower Conditioners: 3-pt. Gator > Mowers, DiscPro > ή Mower Conditioners and Rebel > Trailed Mowers Exclusive 5mm blades are 20% thicker than the competition and austemper heat-treated for longer wear. Kits are available to upgrade your existing Vermeer mowers. >

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Cutting height: 1.25 (32mm); Drive: 540 rpm; PTO speed (std.): 540 rpm; Flow rate: 6 gpm (min) (22.7 L/min); Cutting height: 1.25Ԕ - 6.5 (32 Ԗ 165 mm); Drive: 4 band 5V Belt; PTO speed (std.): 540 rpm MC840; 1000 rpm MC1030; > Conditioner: Steel Roller or V-Tine MC840; Steel Roller or Spring Steel Paddle MC1030 > Note: All models require enclosed tractor cab with ROPS Cutting height: 1.25" (32mm), 3.88" (99mm) w/opt topping shoe; Drive: PTO to V-belt to gearbox; PTO speed (std.): 540 rpm; Hitch : 3-pt., Category II; Flow rate: 6 gpm (min) 22.67 liters/m; > VERMEER, VERMEER logo, DiscPro...

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