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elcome to the cutting edge in the high-production world of mower conditioners. Vermeer MC840 and MC1030 DISCPRO Mower Conditioners. Simple and reliable. Easy to handle, service and adjust. Built for speed and longevity. These are the ones designed with an exclusive DynaGuard for a higher level of performance, protection and productive mowing time. Choose between the center-pivot MC1030 or the cost-effective MC840 side pull. Both give you the ability to maneuver in tight areas and around immovable obstacles with ease. And both transport just inches wider* than their respective cutting...

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h PATENTED SWING-BACK SUSPENSION > 0h WIDE SKID SHOES > 0h TORSION FLEX > h OVERRUNNING FRICTION CLUTCH > 0h 4-BAND V-BELT DRIVE > ή 0h HEX-SHAPE TRI-SHAFTӔ DESIGN > Wide skid shoes increase the protection of the cutter bar to defend against damaging rocks, to eliminate pinch point problems and to optimize blade changing access. Converging discs and non-converging disc sections are covered.Note (left) position of lift springs and œlifting action of Vermeer MC1030 DISCPRO Ԯ as it pulls the header over an obstacle. This unique suspension design reduces structural fatigue caused by rocks and...

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Vermeer knives are austemper heat-treated for greater shatter resistance. Theyre also 25% thicker than the competitionҒs, and reversible for longer life. > Thin low-profile cutterbar allows you to cut closer than ever before and helps reduce streaking. > Cutterbar angle Hoses and harnesses are mounted within the frame Ζ its cleaner, less-cluttered; and provides better protection. is hydraulically adjustable on-the-go. 4-Band V-Beltconditioner drive provides more protection for the cutterbar. Secondary driveline has 50Ұ CVs. Allows mowing in any tongue position; minimizes vibration....

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Special directional fins (left) mounted on the swath-board > Exclusive paddleӔ design gives you unmatched versatility as a conditioner and your initial investment and replacement costs are LESS! create positive crop flow for a more consistent, uniform windrow in all kinds of crops and conditions Ņ positive crop movement to windrow. to give you an infinite range of conditioner settings. EASY TO MAINTAIN the paddles are interchangeable across the entire machine. The conditioner bar can be reversed in minutes; just 8 bolts to switch from one mode to another for gentle or more aggressive crop...

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Transport Height Transport Height Roller Conditioner Total 4,420 lb (2,005 kg) 6,100 lb (2,767 kg) Tine/Paddle Conditioner Total 4,360 lb (1,978 kg) 5,800 lb (2,631 kg) Tongue Weight 1,260 lb (572 kg) 1,640 lb (744 kg) 73.9" (188 cm) 66.4" (169 cm) Transport Width Transport Width 11' 0" (335 cm) 13' 6" (411 cm) > GROUND CLEARANCE (max) 15" (38 cm) 19" (48 cm) Transport Length Transport Length > TIRES 11L-15 31 x 13.5-15 17' 9" (541 cm) 25' 4" (772 cm) > TRACTOR REQUIREMENT Working Height Working Height Drive 540 rpm only 1,000 rpm only Horsepower Requirement 75 HP 100 HP Hydraulic...

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ROUND BALERS | HAY RAKES I MOWERS | MOWER CONDITIONERS | BALE PROCESSORS 605M Baler504M Baler 5410 Rebel Baler8040 Mower SW2500 Silage WrapperTM800 Trailed Mower R2800 TwinRakeWRX Wheel Rake BP8000 Bale ProcessorTE330 Tedder And you can tour one of the most sophisticated, high-tech manufacturing operations in the world , with roughly 1.5 million square feet under roof. WeΒre headquartered in Americas heartland (Pella, Iowa) ҅ family-owned founded in 1948 Ņ and manufacture and market roughly 125 different agricultural and industrial products worldwide. mower conditioners and bale processors....

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