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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 4

A family of game changers. What separates the Vermeer lineup of mini skid steers from the competition? Your input. After gathering your feedback, Vermeer aimed to make our family of mini skid steers the most productive, operator–friendly units in the marketplace. With different size and power options depending upon jobsite needs, the Vermeer lineup of mini skid steers answers your power and capacity needs worldwide. Characterized by easyto-use, single pilot-operated joysticks and an operator’s station that keeps you out of jobsite debris, our mini skid steers offer the ultimate in both...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 6

Go beyond expectations. Specifically designed for short runs and operation in confined spaces, the S800TX offers operators a new level of performance and versatility. Armed with a best-in-class 840 lb (381 kg) SAE-rated operating capacity and a tipping capacity of 2400 lb (1088.6 kg), this 35 hp (26.1 kW) unit is ready for the demands of landscaping, hardscaping and utility installation work. On today’s jobsites, flexibility is key. With a universal attachment mounting plate, quick hydraulic connects and an arsenal of available attachments, the S800TX is ready to tackle a variety of jobs....

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 7

Service made easy. Pop open a panel for access to the hydraulic filter, radiator fill and electrical control board. 6: Don’t wear it out. A high-mounted track sprocket eliminates wear caused by ground contact.

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 8

Designed for the multitasker. The S650TX mini skid steer offers both do-it-yourselfers and contractors a versatile solution to their construction and landscaping needs. The unit is equipped with a four-pump system to increase both hydraulic and overall machine performance, powering attachments effectively and saving time. For those tough, heavy jobs, the S650TX showcases a class-leading SAE-rated operating capacity of 660 lb (299.4 kg) and a tipping capacity of 1890 lb (857.3 kg) as well as lower operating track ground pressure. Operation made easy. Operator-controlled ground drive with a...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 9

Attack a wide range of tasks with the same machine. A universal mounting plate makes hooking up a variety of attachments easy, giving the operator the versatility they need. Machine maintenance made easier. Just lift the rear panel for easy access to radiator, electrical system and hydraulic valves.

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 10

Compact and convenient. And in fact, the compact size of the Vermeer S450TX mini skid steer gives it quite an advantage. Whether it’s on a commercial worksite or home project, the S450TX can maneuver in and out of tight spaces with ease. Featuring a 500 lb (226.8 kg) SAE-rated operating capacity and a tipping capacity of 1430 lb (648.6 kg), the S450TX is well-suited to both the needs of the rental customer and landscape contractor. Featuring a hi-low flow selector and a conveniently placed auxiliary lever, operators can tackle a variety of tasks with ease – whether it be trenching or...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 11

Joystick control. Operators can steer with a single pilot-operated joystick. The single joystick offers the operator a smooth range of motion without balancing engagement of two separate controls.

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 12

Quality equipment and the attachments to match. With a wide variety of attachments available, Vermeer mini skid steers are ready to tackle every kind of jobsite. Featuring a universal mounting plate, mini skid steer attachments are easy to hook up when there is no time to waste. Universal Attachment Plate Tree Forks 24.5” (62.2 cm) wide, 45” (114.3 cm) long, 162 lb (73.7 kg) Forged Forks (Three Options) 30” (76.2 cm), adjustable width 32” (81.3 cm) long, 162 lb (73.5 kg) 42” (106.7 cm) long, 205 lb (93 kg) 48” (121.9 cm) long, 218 lb (98.9 kg) Scrap Grapple Bucket (Two Options) 36” (91.4...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 13

Standard Bucket 42” (107 cm) wide, 48” cu in (121.9 cu cm) Other Buckets Available: Narrow bucket: 34.5” (87.6 cm) High capacity: 48” (121.9 cm) Dozer Blade 47” (119.4 cm) wide, 120 lb (54.4 kg) Tooth Bucket 42” (106.7 cm) wide, 48 cu in (121.9 cu cm), 182 lb (82.6 kg) Rock Bucket 42” (106.7 cm) wide, 48 cu in (121.9 cu cm), 166 lb (75.3 kg) Sweeper Bucket 42” (106.7 cm) wide, 375 lb (170.1 kg) Power Shovel 32” (81.3 cm) wide, 162 lb (73.5 kg) Auger Trench Backfill Attachment 52” (132.1 cm) wide, 270 lb (122.5 kg) Rotary Broom, Manual Angle (Two Options) 42” (106.7 cm) wide, 400 lb (181.4...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 14

Length (basic unit): 84” (213.4 cm) Width (basic unit): 40.5” (102.9 cm) Height (basic unit): 57” (144.8 cm) Weight (basic unit): 2950 lb (1338.1 kg) Dump height: 84.5” (214.6 cm) Dump reach: 27” (68.6 cm) Ground clearance: 6” (15.2 cm) Track width: 9” (22.9 cm) Track length: 46” (116.9 cm) Make and model: Kubota V1505 Fuel type: Diesel Fuel capacity: 14.5 gal (54.9 L) Gross horsepower: 35.1 hp (26.2 kW) Cooling system: Liquid Air cleaner: Heavy-duty dual element SAE-rated operating capacity: 840 lb (381 kg) Tipping capacity [with 175 lb (79.4 kg) operator]: 2400 lb (1088.6 kg) Max travel...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 15

Length (basic unit): 75.4” (191.5 cm) Width (basic unit): 35.75” (90.8 cm) Weight (gas unit): 2120 lb (961.6 kg) Weight (diesel unit): 2300 lb (1043.3 kg) Height (to hinge pin): 72” (182.9 cm) Ground clearance: 6.5” (16.5 cm) Make and model: Kubota D902 Fuel type: Diesel Fuel tank capacity: 7.5 gal (28.4 L) Gross horsepower: 24.8 hp (18.2 kW) Cooling system: Liquid Make and model: Kohler Command PRO EFI ECH740 Fuel type: Gas Fuel tank capacity: 7.5 gal (28.4 L) Gross horsepower: 27 hp (19.9 kW) Cooling system: Air SAE-rated operating capacity: 500 lb (226.8 kg) Tipping capacity [with 175 lb...

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Mini Skid Steer Literature - 16

THEVERMEER DEALER NETWORK RELIABLE SUPPORT, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Vermeer Asia Pacific Vermeer Corporation Vermeer Latin America Singapore 608586 Pella, Iowa 50219 U.S.A. Valinhos, SP - Brazil Vermeer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS) Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information on machine specifications. Vermeer Corporatio reserves the right to make changes in engineering, design and specifications; add improvements; or discontinue manufacturing at any time without...

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