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The Underground Edge Navigator ® Horizontal Directional Drilling Systems 4 – 9 AXIS ™ Guided Boring System 10 – 11 Cutting Edge Drill Rod and Tooling 14 – 17 Advanced Control Systems 18 – 19 Vacuum Excavation Systems 22 – 25 Whatever your application, wherever the jobsite, Vermeer can fit your needs.

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NAVIGATOR® HDD SYSTEMS From Compact to Maxi HDD Rigs, Vermeer Has You Covered. Patented technology, rugged construction, high torque and experience — these are just some of the high-performance features that make the Vermeer line of horizontal directional drills a world leader. Whether you’re installing fiber in a congested residential area or a largediameter pipeline in the middle of nowhere, Vermeer horizontal directional drills have made their reputation on superior performance, reliability, easy-to-maintain designs and operator-inspired features. Our industry-leading designs and...

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D6x6 Maneuverability to get you there and power to do the job. Compact Navigator units feature an efficient blend of size and power to maximize productivity. Ideal for tight worksites, compact Vermeer HDDs feature the smallest footprints in their class, with the narrow width to fit through most gate openings and small dimensions to increase maneuverability. With a design you can rely on, these units are productive machines that allow you to efficiently complete a wide range of smaller-diameter, medium-distance bores. Model Max torque* Drilling fluid flow Pullback Stem-carrying capacity...

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D16x20 Series II Install under buildings, highways, creeks, rivers and more — self-contained Navigator HDD units are ideal for the installation of all types of utilities. Model Max torque* Drilling fluid flow Pullback Stem-carrying capacity Length of drill stem *Max torque denoted, other options may exist. D36x50 Series II Great all-around performers. Midsize HDDs offer excellent power-to-size ratios that allow them to execute a wide range of HDD projects.

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D80x100 Series II The right choice for demanding ground conditions and longer, heavier projects, including sewer installation and river-crossing projects. Large HDD units feature high power and drilling fluid flow. Model Max torque* Drilling fluid flow Pullback Stem-carrying capacity Length of drill stem D330x500 The D330x500 self-contained unit has 50,000 ft-lb (67,790 Nm) of rotational torque for drilling in different ground formations and turning large backreamers. D330x500 50,000 ft-lb (67,790.9 Nm) requires optional fluid system 330,000 lb (1467.9 kN) N/A Up to 32' (9.8 m) *Max torque...

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NAVIGATOR HDD MAXI DRILLS Our Maxi Rigs Take Vermeer Reliability and Productivity to the Next Level, Turning High-Quality Design into Performance You Can Count On. The Vermeer line of Navigator® horizontal directional drills includes three trailer-mounted, maxi-sized drill rigs: D500x500, D750x900 and D1000x900. These drills feature pullback forces of 500,000 lb (2224.1 kN) to 1,000,000 lb (4448.2 kN). The maxi drill rigs have been designed specifically for large-diameter pipe installations and are backed by the best global dealer network in the industry.

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The larger the project, the more you have riding on your power unit. That’s why our maxi rigs feature the reliable power of CAT engines. A simple hydraulic system, coupled with industry-leading components helps improve reliability and serviceability. The operator’s cabin is designed for comfort and includes large windows for exceptional visibility. Model Max torque Pullback Gross horsepower Max spindle speed Max carriage speed

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AXIS™ GUIDED BORING SYSTEM Pinpoint Accuracy, Flexible Design, Productivity and Compatibility Are Just a Few Ways to Describe the Innovative AXIS™ Guided Boring System. This pit-launched trenchless installation method is designed for the on-grade installation of 10" to 14" (25.4 cm to 35.6 cm) pipe used in sewer and water applications. The system has the ability to install up to 350' (106.7 m) of both rigid constructed, as well as fusible and restrained joint product pipe offering more options based on costs, traditional preference and compatibility with existing infrastructure. The AXIS...

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The operator console is designed to centralize control of multiple components into a simple, easy-to-use interface. Console includes the target display monitor, parameter display, drill-head steering control, thrust / pullback control and rotation control. The AXIS system has the ability to install both rigidly constructed, as well as fusible and restrained joint product pipe, allowing for more project versatility. Located in the launch pit is the core of the AXIS system, which is made up of the rack, drill casings, drill head and pipe laser. RACK The rack includes the thrust / pullback...

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FLUID-MIXING SYSTEMS The Right Fluid, in the Right Place, at the Right Time. The drill rig gets the credit, but the drilling fluid keeps it moving. Vermeer fluid-mixing systems provide any HDD operation with the proper supply of wetting agents, polymers and bentonites to get the job done with superior results. The venturi / hopper-mixing system’s strategically placed roll jets combine to provide the ideal mix with lower yield times. Completely integrated systems offer ultimate performance. Vermeer drilling fluid systems are comprehensive and include the following matched components: a...

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CORE SAWS Vermeer Core Saws Are a Cut Above. Cut faster and straighter through your toughest challenges with the Vermeer CS418 core saw. Available in truck- or trailer-mounted options, the CS418 makes short work of asphalt, concrete, reinforced concrete, keyholing and more. It also gives you easy access under pavement for utility locating, jacking, patch repair and core sampling. Model General Length Width Height Weight Operational Rotation motor Rotation speed Feed pressure Mast vertical travel Truck-mounted Power Source Engine Gross hp Controls Mast raise Mast tilt Frame slide out Mast...

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