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D60x90 S3 NAVIGATOR® - 1

HORIZONTAL DIRECTIONAL DRILL IMPRESSIVE SIZE-TO-POWER RATIO. INCREASED POWER. The D60x90 S3 boasts The D60x90 S3 boasts up to 60,000 lb (267 kN) thrust/pullback and 9,000 ft-lb (12,202.4 Nm) of rotational torque at just 100" (254 cm) wide and 26' long (7.9 m), so it’s qualified for a range of installation specifications even in congested urban jobsites. a sizeable 17 hp (12.7 kW) increase over its predecessor, the D60x90, giving operators more power for drilling in difficult ground conditions. guaranteed sound power rating of just 107 dBA – 12 dBA lower than its predecessor the D60x90 – resulting in reduced noise at operator’s ear [83 dBA], increased operator comfort and less noise disturbance in residential or urban areas. LARGE OPEN-TOP VISE DESIGN. The CONVENIENT ROD LOADING. Easy-to-operate AURORA™ TOUCHSCREEN DISPLAY. D60x90 S3 features a large open-top vise design for the purpose of removing and adding tooling. and reliable rod loader is inspired by the popular and proven D24x40 Series II design. Interactive, full-color display provides real-time location information plus tools to complete drilling activities more efficiently, and can replace the need for hard copy bore plans.

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D60x90 S3 NAVIGATOR® - 2

GENERAL WEIGHTS AND DIMENSIONS Min transport length: 29.5' (9 m) Min transport width: 100" (254 cm) Min transport height: 104" (264.2 cm) Weight: 39,000 lb (17,690.1 kg) ENGINE Make/Model: CAT 7.1 Fuel type: Ultra low sulfur diesel Max engine rpm: 2200 rpm Gross horsepower: 202 hp (151 kW) DRILLING FLUID SYSTEM Max flow: 150 gpm (567 L/min) Max pressure: 900 psi (6.2 MPa) FEATURES Breakout system: Standard top load hydraulic vise Drilling lights: Standard Flow indicator: Standard Stakedown system: Optional Strike alert: Standard Remote lockout: Standard DRILL PIPE OPTION ONE Type:...

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