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Efficiency at its best. The D100x120 Series II was designed with the operator in mind. A climate-controlled cab with 360-degree visibility, a state-of-the-art operator’s station and dual joystick controls all help to increase operator efficiency in the field. The D100x120 Series II delivers 12,000 ft-lb (16,269.8 Nm) of rotational torque and 100,000 lb (444 kN) of thrust/pullback force to perform a wide range of bores in difficult ground conditions. Equipped with a 225 hp (167.8 kW) John Deere diesel engine to handle larger product, the D100x120 Series II features a 150 gpm (567.8 L/min) or...

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Rack-and-pinion drive. This simple system provides smooth operation. The D100x120 Series II unique narrow rack-and-pinion design helps maintain a small footprint for accessability in congested areas. 5: Measured to exact tolerances. Firestick® drill stem from Vermeer is designed to handle high-torque drilling situations while retaining a large inside diameter for superior drilling fluid flow. Constructed of Vermeer specified high-carbon alloy steel, Firestick drill stem features one-piece, forged rods that have been heat-treated for uniform strength and consistent quality.

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D 10 0 x 12 0 S E R I E S S P E C I F I C AT I O N S GENERAL DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS Length: 34.1' (10.4 m) Width (transport): 93" (236.2 cm) Height (crane option): 11' (3.4 m) Weight (without drill rod): 37,870 lb (17,177.5 kg) Weight (crane option, short rod box): 43,500 lb (19,731.3 kg) POWER Engine: John Deere 6068 Gross power rating: 225 hp (167.8 kW) Rated rpm: 2400 EPA certification: Tier 3 (Stage IIIA) fluid capacities Engine oil (including filter): 8.3 gal (31.4 L) Fuel tank: 75 gal (283.9 L) Hydraulic tank: 85 gal (321.8 L) crane Max lifting capacity: 7530 lb (3415.5 kg) Max...

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To help ensure smooth-running operations, your local Vermeer dealer offers everything from training and tooling, to electronics and software. The Vermeer BORESTORE™ is your complete HDD tooling and accessories warehouse accessible to you online and over the phone. Go to borestore.com or see your Vermeer dealer for more information. It’s in the mix. Select Vermeer drilling fluid systems feature a modular design for flexible mounting options. Pick up bentonites, polymers and wetting agents from your Vermeer dealer. The family of DCI DigiTrak® locators offers the industry standard in...

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T H E V E R M E E R D E A L E R N E T W O R K : RELIABLE SUPPORT, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Vermeer Corporation Pella, Iowa 50219 U.S.A. Phone: (641) 628-3141 Vermeer Latin America Valhinhos, São Paulo - Brazil Phone: +55 19 3517-9400 Fax: +55 19 3517-9401 Vermeer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS) the Netherlands Phone: +31 113 272700 Fax: +31 113 272727 Call toll-free 1-888-VERMEER 1-888-837-6337 (USA only) www.vermeer.com Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components. Please contact your local Vermeer dealer for more information...

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