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BP8000 Bale Processor - 2

When you feed your cows in a different location each day, you can increase land productivity, reduce manure-handling problems and give your herd a cleaner, open range feeding environment. Plus, processed bales don't waste the energy of your cattle energy that converts into producing better weight gains. Quiet. Smooth fluid power ensures a quiet operating system and fewer hassles. No chains to adjust. No broken or bent bars to fix. Fewer moving parts means less maintenance, lower repair costs. Simple to operate Ņ and all controlled from the tractor seat. Self-contained forks hydraulically...

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BP8000 Bale Processor - 3

Exclusive 2-year limited warranty on flails. Specially designed heat-treated and tempered steel spring flails are positioned in a spiral pattern to even out the load on the PTO. They are secured with fine thread grade 8 carriage bolts with hard-ened bushings; and contoured to fit the curve of the flail drum. This greatly reduces the possibility of flail breakage. Adjustable clevis hitch and flip up storage cradle for PTO. > Two bales; 6' (L) x 6' (D) (183 cm) Maximum 2500 lbs (1134 kg) each > DIMENSIONS / WEIGHTS - APPROX. > Length: 14' 9" (4.50 m)Width: 9' 0" (2.74 m) Height: 8' 9" (2.67...

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BP8000 Bale Processor - 4

ROUND BALERS | REBEL PRODUCTS I HAY RAKES I MOWERS | MOWER CONDITIONERS | BALE PROCESSORS 605M Baler 5400 Rebel 504M Baler NOW FEATURING BLADE RETENTION SYSTEM ή Baler7030 Mower MC840 Mower-ConditionerTM800 Rebel NOW FEATURING NOW FEATURING BLADE RETENTION SYSTEM BLADE RETENTION SYSTEM Trailed Mower R2800 TwinRakeWRX Wheel Rake BP5000 Rebel Every crop and every field condition presents challenges different from those of last year, your last cutting, or last night. We understand the costs, pressures and tight schedules hay producers face today. And, we operate with the premise that parts and...

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