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A powerful performance in a small package. The BC230XL combines a 66 hp (49,2 kW) Stage IIIB Kubota diesel engine with a 23 cm x 35,5 cm (9” x 14”) infeed opening to provide superior feeding performance for dealing with heavily branched material. The twin horizontal feed rollers with offset 40 cm (15.7”) diameter upper roller allows large short lengths to be fed without kickup that reduces the workload and effort for the operator. Dual springs create 420 kg (925.9 lb) crushing force between horizontal feed rollers. The SmartFeed system, in combination with twin hydraulic motors, pulls in...

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BC230XL Product Literature - 3

The SmartFeed system. Increases operator productivity and reduces strain on vital engine parts A patented feedsensing control system monitors engine rpm and automatically pauses the rollers when feeding larger material. Additionally, it senses feedroller jams and responds by automatically reversing infeed and reintroducing the material; this reduces the need for manually manipulating the control bar or the material. 5: High ground clearance. 36 cm (14 2”) under the chassis and 26 cm (10 2”) under the axle allows the chipper to be used off-road without risk of ground debris becoming caught...

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CUTTING SYSTEM Cutter system: Dua spher ca ro er flanged bear ngs Cutter speed: Approx. 1350 rpm Operational length (tongue extended): 4,1 m (13.5 ) Knives: 2 knives, double-edged Height: 2,4 m (7.9’) Sound Power: 120 dB FEED / DISCHARGE SYSTEM Chipping capacity: 23 cm (9”) Make and model: Kubota V2607T Feed table height: 75 cm (29.5”) Feed table length: 63,3 cm (24.9”) Fuel type: Ultra-low sulfur diesel Feed table width: 122 cm (48”) Max feed speed: 24,6 m/min (80.7 fpm) Cooling medium: 50/50 water/antifreeze Number of feed rollers: 2 horizonta Discharge height: 82 cm (32.3”) Discharge...

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T H E V E R M E E R D E A L E R N E T W O R K : RELIABLE SUPPORT, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Vermeer Corporation Pella, Iowa 50219 U.S.A. Phone: (641) 628-3141 International fax: +1 (641) 621-7730 Vermeer Latin America Valinhos, SP - Brazil Phone: +55 19 3881-3848 Fax: +55 19 3881-3848, ext. 108 Vermeer EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa and CIS) the Netherlands Phone: +31 113 272700 Fax: +31 113 272727 Call toll-free 1-888-VERMEER 1-888-837-6337 (USA only) www.vermeer.com Equipment shown is for illustrative purposes only and may display optional accessories or components. Please contact your local...

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