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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 1

More than 150 years of experience of handling with hooks Electric explosion and sparkproof hoists Explosion and sparkproof lifting components products catalog

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 2

Leading French manufacturer of lifting equipment Leading French manufacturer of lifting equipment, VERLINDE’s long production runs include electric belt hoists, electric winches, jib cranes and crane components in their VERNOUILLET (France) production centre. From CAD/CAM design to production by machines amongst the most modern in Europe combined with the know-how of skilled staff, every VERLINDE brand lifting unit ensures reliability and quality for users. New regulations, new products VERLINDE have designed a range of explosion andspark proof hoists, with a close awareness of their...

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 5

EUROBLOC VT Electric sparkproof wire rope hoist For loads from Main technical features • rotection rating : P Ex II 3G c IIB T3 (Zone 2) as standard • 2-speed hoisting motor with thermistors 2 • -speed pole change trolley motors with thermistors (for hoists with trolley) • oist upper and lower limit switches operated H by the rope guide • Electro-mechanical overload protector • oist electrics with main contactor and 48 V H contactor control • Motor protection IP66 according to EN 60 529 • ush button box with an emergency "stop" P button • Ergonomical hook with safety latch • Galvanised wire...

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 6

EUROBLOC VT Hook and pulley block Special Ex bronze treatment of hook (option) Small space requirements, bearings lubricated for life, GGG forged iron pulleys, ultra resistant. The high wire rope / pulley diameter ratio increases wire rope life span. Rotating hook and pulley block with safety latch. Sparkproof hoist motor Rope guide New “very high performance” cable guide system. No guide system fouling to enable operation in the most difficult environments. Galvanized steel rope as standard with high safety factor (factor 4.6). • Special design for explosion proof lifting (ATEX). • 2 hoist...

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 7

Electric sparkproof wire rope hoist For loads from 800 to 80,000 kg Sparkproof hoist motor Tropicalized motor as standard for longer life span. Power rating 60 % motor cooling increased by 30 % (tunnel effect). New generation hoist drum The very high wire rope/drum ratio (twice the standard ratio) increases wire rope life span and reduces “C” approach data of the hook. The best “C” factor on the market for optimal use of the size of your buildings and optimal use of work areas (save in building costs). Explosion proof electric cubicle The electric cubicle provides protection rating IP 65 as...

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 9

EUROCHAIN VL Electric sparkproof chain hoist For loads from 125 to 10,000 kg Main technical features • An ideal solution for low and medium capacities from 125 to 10,000 kg • Hook suspended model or with push or electric trolley • Protection rating as standard : Zone 1, EEx de IIB T4 in compliance with EN/DIN • Standard height of lift 3 m • 2 hoist speeds (standard XCC : 2 speeds) • 2 trolley motor speeds (standard XCC : 2 speeds) • IP55-speed hoisting motors with thermistors • Galvanised load chain • Stainless steel hand chain if chain travel trolley • Pendant push button box + control...

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 10

EUROCHAIN VL EUROBLOC VT Limit switch Electric cam limit switch (option) ensures safety of hoist operations. The user can now focus his attention on load travel. Explosion proof electric cubicle Quite large, built into the equipment, it contains all the components (plate, contactors, transformer, etc.) and is easy to access for maintenance purposes, IP55 protection. Motor Electro-magnetic disc brake type with linings material designed for lifespan of hoist FEM groups, easy to access and adjust. 10

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 11

Electric sparkproof chain hoist For loads from 125 to 10,000 kg Gear box Improved hoist compactness. Low noise level when running thanks to grease-lubricated pinions and rectified, treated straight teeth. Load wheel 5 or 6 pockets (depending on model), treated and rectified, machined in a single operation. Chain guide Ensures precise positioning of the chain guide on the load wheel. Hook and block Special Ex. bronze treatment of hook Small space requirements. Rotary lifting hook in special steel, complies with DIN standards, fitted with a hook with safety latch.

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 13

EUROLIFT BH Explosion proof electric belt hoist For loads from Main technical features Options • rotection EEx de IIC T4 (instead of IIB) P Zone 21 / Zone 22 • Special voltages or frequences • Monorail bogie trolley for curved beam • Travel limit switch • Greater sparkproof protection: - Bronze travelling wheels - Bronze roller anti rail jump, non ferrous metal plated - Bronzed hook • deal clean environment solution such as for chemical I and food industries. • uspended model or with push, chain driven or electric S trolley • Protection rating as standard: EEx de IIB T4 • 2 mechanical...

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 14

EUROLIFT BH Gear box 3-step helical gear, life-lubricated (semi-fluid grease) comprising O-ring seals and lip seal at shaft end (BH2). Lifting motor 2-speed motor, electromagnetic brake featuring automatic wear compensation. IP 55 protection. Class F insulation. Hoist motor protected by thermal sensors. Electric cubicle • 48V low voltage control. • Printed circuit for standard voltage. • NFE 52070 standard • Upper and lower limit switches IP 54 • rotected low voltage control push P button box

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Verlinde Technologies Catalog - 15

Explosion proof electric belt hoist For loads from 500 to 5,000 kg Lifting block and hook Stainless steel block and hook as options. BH design The most reduced “C” approach data of hook and “F” approach data of hoist compared with competitors. Low block shift during lifting (virtually vertical lifting). Thanks to its principle of construction EUROLIFT BH provides “virtually vertical lifting” as standard for a fine positioning of your load. Overload limiter Overload limiter as standard incorporated in hoist preventing ascent in the event of overload (in compliance with “MACHINES” directive)....

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