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PDW Process duty open winch for loads from 6.300 to 70.000 kg

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Process duty open winch for loads from 6.300 to 70.000 kg VERLINDE open winch family is now extended in term of duty group with the PDW. This range of open winches makes it possible to provide technical responses to your search of lifting unit with duty group from M6. Standard technical characteristics > arge spectrum of lifting capacity L (from 6,3 to 70 tonnes). > oisting speeds 10 m/min and 20 m/min H (ESR speed for hoisting.) > rue vertical lift, double girder trolley T or fixed version or machinery only. > rolley speed control (inverter for variable speed T drive) from 20 m/min to 61...

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Optional features Mechanics > nti-condensation package, motors standby heating, A electrics standby heating. > econd brake: Ready assembly surface for enclosed S disc brake on the gear primary shaft. > Second brake: thruster operated disc brake. > Rope drum with deep groove. > Hardened rope drums. > Hardened rope sheaves. > Rope overwrap indication bar. > Rain covers. > Oil drip pans. > Rail brush assembly. > Storm lock device. > nti-jump catches against earthquake, etc. A > Buffer extensions. > Grease nipples to group. > Hydraulic buffers. > Hook block with Ramshorn forging . > Rotation...

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Hoisting brakes As a standard configuration the hoisting machinery is equipped with a electrohydraulic thrustor operated disc brake which has a minimum 200% braking torque with nominal load. Hoisting motors Flange mounted motor, no risk of misalignment between the gearbox and motors. Higher lifetime for the components. Hoist and traversing motors are stepless speed control squirrel cage motors that are specially designed and manufactured for crane duty. The PDW hoisting machinery is preconfigured with four basic motor frames. More information about motor specifications can be found in PDW...

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PDW Process duty open winch for loads from 6.300 to 70.000 kg Trolley end carriage and wheels Optimized rail gauge = optimized amount of rope & optimized dimensions. Trolley end carriage is made from welded box, not tube, to ensure robust design. Trolley service platform The trolley platform offers easy access to the service points for inspection trolley platform is used as an installation place e.g. for loading device power supply cable reels. Limit switch functions Adjustable, self-re-setting hoist and lower limit switch functions are provided as standard to prevent over travel of hook....

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VERLINDE is: > he leading French distributor and exporter of lifting T and handling equipment. > comprehensive range of 30 groups of lifting A equipment from 60 to 250,000 kg. > 9001 Quality control certified and ISO 14001 ISO Environmental Management Systems. In France: A sales network and after sales service points, EUROPONT travelling crane construction plants and a distributor network. Abroad: A customer service in more than 92 countries. References Metallurgy, Mechanics, Nuclear Arcelor Mittal, Unimetal, Stein, NFM, Framatome, Alstom Chemicals, Petrochemicals industry Sanofi Aventis,...

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