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Gantries - 1

GANTRIES Range of gantries with manual or motorized motion on floor for loads from 250 to 6,300 kg

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Gantries - 2

With the VERLINDE, any crew of mounting fitters or a craft mechanic can carry out all maintenance, removal, re-installation and locating operations on parts or assemblies. This range of standard gantries is designed to accommodate any hoist and can be equipped with either or a hand or electric chain hoist.

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Gantries - 3

Motorized workshop gantry VGIM I-profile Option : hoist and travelling trolley Main isolator in standard Motorized floor motion under load Technical characteristics > Motorized VERLINDE gantry crane for indoor and outdoor use. > Use on a smooth and clean floor. > Welded construction. > 2 motorized non swivel polyurethane wheels. > 2 castor polyurethane wheels. > Electrical equipment with mobile pendant (low voltage 48V). > 2 travelling speeds 10 m/min and 20 m/min with inverter. > Swiveling of the gantry by inversion of the motors. > 2 swiveling speeds. > Reversing switch on the pendant. >...

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Gantries - 4

Workshop gantry 5( 5, I-profile Option : hoist and travelling trolley Can be moved under load Option : power feeding line Option : wheel swivelling lock Option : main isolator ^ Technical characteristics > The extreme mobility and stability on all surfaces provided by means of four caster wheels (in white polyamide material for loads of up to 2 tons, capped with polyurethene from 3.2 tons, fitted with ball bearing on the shafts and king pins. These wheels formed from acetyl resin have excellent shock behaviour and ability to withstand attack by chemicals. > The raceway is a weld-fabricated...

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Gantries - 5

Workshop gantry Eurosystem profile Manual trolley for hoist delivered as standard Option : hoist Can be moved under load Option : main isolator Option : wheel swivelling lock Technical characteristics The characteristics of these gantries are identical to those of the standard profile model except for the following : > The raceway of these VERLINDE workshop gantries consists of a EUROSYSTEM profile. > The gantry is delivered with a EUROSYSTEM trolley. > These workshop gantries are mounted on caster wheels in white polyamide. > The gantry cannot be shifted under load. Options > Main...

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Gantries - 6

Workshop gantry Eurosystem Alu profile Option : hoist Manual trolley for hoist delivered as standard Option : power feeding line and main isolator Adjustable height Can be moved under load Option : wheels in white polyuretan Technical characteristics > UROSYSTEM ALU profile used as E travelling beam. > he gantry is delivered as standard T with a hoist trolley for hollow section members. > white polyamide wheels with 4 2 locking wheels as standard. > Can be moved under load. Options > Main isolator. > Power feeding line. > Reel. > Polyurethan wheel (per wheel). > Wheel block (per wheel).

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Gantries - 7

^ Options available on the gantries The VERLINDE range of standard gantries comes in three level of options for lifting and travelling of your loads : Hand powered lifting and travelling motion Electric powered lifting and powered travelling motion Electric powered lifting and Level 3 travelling motion ^Technical characteristics and dimensions Load (kg) Hollow aluminium profile EUROSYSTEM ALU (VGPA)** *Other heights are available for hook clearances of 2 to 4.5 metres. dimensions given for model H1.

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Gantries - 8

VERLINDE is: > The leading French manufacturer and exporter of lifting and handling equipment. > A comprehensive range of 30 groups of lifting equipment from 60 to 250,000 kg. > ISO 9001 Quality control certified and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems. In France: A sales network and after sales service points, EUROPONT travelling crane construction plants and a distributor network. A customer service in more than 92 countries. Metallurgy, Mechanics, Nuclear ArcelorMittal, Unimetal, Stein, NFM, Framatome, Alstom Chemicals, Petrochemicals industry Sanofi Aventis, Total, Du Pont De...

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