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Verbruggen^ Palletizing Solutions For medium-sized packing plants Fully automatic and versatile Reduced labor / High return on investment Your palletizing solution Fully automatic palletizing begins with the VPM-8 which is standardly equipped with an empty pallet dispenser, powered infeed / outfeed pallet conveyors for complete pallet transport and an inspection platform. This model is optimal for medium-sized packing plants desiring excellent stacking results by means of an entry level fully automatic stacking palletizer. Superior stacking is enabled with the enclosed retracting formation doors, four-sided stacking chamber and compression type stacking process. Each product layer is formed on the upper formation doors, which withdraw and place each individual layer on the pallet. The pallet is then raised and pressed against the formation doors compressing each layer from all directions while the next layer is being formed. This stacking process repeats itself until product stacking is finished resulting with an a ccurate and perfectly interlocked stack of bags on each pallet. Conveyor belts and / or a vertical lift automatically accumulate and transport the bags up into the palletizer for placement in the manipulator equipped with centering flaps which ensures accurate positioning of each bag placed on the pallet. The machine can also be optionally equipped with an automatic adjustment for multiple pallet sizes and a wrapping machine. verbruggen.nl Capacity    Maximum 18 bags / minute (depending on bag + pallet size and configuration) Pallet sizes    Standardly suitable for 1 pallet size (approx. 270 x 350 mm - approx. 460 x 900 mm) Pallet infeed / outfeed Automatic with pallet dispenser Stacking height    Maximum 2500 mm, including pallet Stacking chamber    Four-sided closed Operation    Touchscreen Stacking patterns Standard 20 freely programmable including closing layers Air consumption    • Minimum operating    pressure: 8 bar • Suction capacity required: 140 l / min Remote access    Module via LAN connection Safety    • Emergency stop circuit • Walk-in protection and screening at the outfeed side • Palletizer equipped with full safety screening Options    * Automatically adjustable stacking chamber and collar • Softlanding on formation doors • Compressing collar (pneumatic or electric) • Integrated sheet dispenser • Combi manipulator for both bags and crates or cartons • Wrapping machine

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