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The Dutch innovative palletizing company

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25 years Since 25 years the Verbruggen family business started to develop stacking solutions for palletizing general cargo in several packaging and in various dimensions. With a passion for automation and technological knowhow, we created a strong basis for many solutions which benefits many companies till today. technovation Since the world around us is ever changing, we continue to invest in innovation with the aim to make our machines more efficient, stronger and lighter. For example, we have developed a composite manipulator. The composite manipulator is much lighter than steel...

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Solutions by Verbruggen Do you have a need to quickly, consistently & efficiently stack products on pallets while reducing labor costs & minimizing risks? Then look to Verbruggen for the latest in palletizing/stacking technologies & innovations. Our VPM series machines offer precise product stacking capabilities at high speeds, combined with overlapping product placement & integrated compression achieving unparalleled stacking results. Products are stacked tight, tall, uniform & stable allowing for efficient transport. Finally, you can achieve the finished pallet result that you’ve been...

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support (Service and maintenance) We take pride in our machines & with ownership satisfaction! For this reason we constantly look to new & improved solutions in the area of service so that we can provide customers with the best possible service support. We're pleased to now offer another level of service by means of Remote Service Support which can be provided off-site, from any location 24/6 (excluding Sunday). Remote login to your machine software allows us to help troubleshoot a situation, provide data backup or simply help you with programming, etc. This feature allows us to provide...

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