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Multi-Pressure from 20 to 130 Bar - 2 Pump Modula Plus 2 Modula Two is based on the same philosophy as the FMT6/S concept, but with high flow rate pump systems and inverter. The combination of high efficiency electric motor and inverter, together with a control system acting through a dedicated electronic control unit has resulted in an innovative, reliable variable speed unit, adaptable to all industrial washing needs . As with all inverter systems, Modula Two is in line with the new green industry trends to reduce energy waste, helping both to save on electrical consumption and above all respect the surrounding environment The use of inverters improves energy efficiency, obtaining: • Energy savings of as much as 30-40% depending on load • More rational use of the motor and pump, extending their working life • Less heat dissipated by the electric motor • Less vibration on start up and operation of the pump assembly, thanks to modulation of power in relation to the flow rates required • Electrical circuit optimised in both the transient and full-load current drawn • Return on investment generally in less than 24 months • Less maintenance Tecnologia Inverter-

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Modula Plus 25.2 Tecnologia Inverter ^A VAILABLE CONFIGURA TION MODEL TECHNICAL DETAILS • Low voltage controls (24 volt) • Working pressure adjustment • Water flow rate adjustment • Control module complete of Electronic board • PID system for the pump pressure control • Transducer of pressure control 4/20 mA • Temperature sensor • Contemporary use of more lances at the same time • Switch off of the pumps in excess till the total switch off of the pumps if not used • Possibility to have different pressure and flow in different washing zones. • Water lack control • Over temperature safety...

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Common elements for centralized plant Power Panel Plc Special piston pump Optional accessories S/s 250 Lt water tank complete of controls and pump S/s frame Code 2002/X

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Optional accessories 5.2 S/s washing lance cm 90 without nozzle complete of pin Ø14 (Section 52) Code 11198 S/s nozzle ⅛” (Section 54) Code 19xxxx Gun with coupling Ø 14 (Section 56) Code 25095/ST H.p. hose R2 ⅜“ L= 15 oR 20 mt. (Section 57) Code 18215 - Code 18220 S/s automatic hose reel (Section 50) S/s manual hose reel (Section 51) Quick coupling an fittings (Section 58) Wide range of foam dispenser stations - Stationary and mobile (Section

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