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GENERAL CATALOGUE PLANTS AND WASHING ACCESSORIES Vema Srl Via Messina 18 – 20831 SEREGNO (Mb) Tel. 0362-223464 Fax 0362-325822 Email: Sito:

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General Catalogue - 3

FMT1 - Centralized washing system - single pump Hydra 130/12 - Wall mounted or mobile washing system 130 Bar Max FMT6 - Centralized washing system - Multi-Pressure UniBox - Centralized washing system Multi-Pressure - Inverter Tecnology FMT6 Special -Centralized washing system Multi-Pressure - 2/3 Pumps FMT2 - Centralized washing system Multi-Pressure - 2 Pompe Modula One - Centralized washing system single - High flow rate Modula Plus - Centralized washing system modular - High flow rate Modula Two - Centralized washing system modular - High flow rate - 2 Pompe Modula Smart - Centralized...

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General Catalogue - 5

Centralized washing system Single pump from 20 to 200 bar The FMT 1 single washing system is a one pump unit with pressure adjustable from 20 to 200 bars and a ƪow rate of 15, 21, 30, 42 litres/min. It is designed for use directly in factory production departments . It is wall mounted on special stainless steel brackets incorporaǦ ting vibration dampers. Optional accessories such as hose reel, foam dispensing station and lance holder can all be mounted on the same support. The low maintenance structure is Ƥtted with a hydraulic control device with automatic startǦdelayed stop function...

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General Catalogue - 6

Foam system 1 (Section 16.5) *Pressure >100 Bar (Optional) - Code 15702 1 S/s holder for accessories (Optional) Code 20901 Foam lance (Section 55.1) (Optional) Code 11150 Manual hose reel (Section 51) (Optional) Code 10400/X AVAILABLE CONFIGURATIONS FLOW RATE (lt/min) 15 MAX WATER INǦLET NUMBERS OF MAX TEMPERATURE OPERATORS 80 °C 1 VOLTAGE (Volt) Low Voltage controls (24 volt) Total stop Electronic card for hydraulic control of h.p. water leak Total block if unused for an hour ( with the possibility to exclude the block) Over temperature safety control 80° C Pressure adjustement Pressure...

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General Catalogue - 7

Standard Accessories S/s Washing lance cm 90 without nozzle complete of pin Ø14 Code 11105/ST18 Hose H.P. R/2 15mt. Non-staining 3/8” female zinc-plated fittings Code 18215 Gun with coupling Ø 14 Code 25095/ST Hose R/1 in-let D/90 700 mm Code 18300/D9/700 Pair of S/s bracket for wall fixing + Antivibrating Code 20010 + Code 17503/X Optional accessories S/s tank 30 Lt complete of water level sensor Code 2003

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General Catalogue - 9

Wall mounted High Pressure Washing machine 130 Bar Max The Hydra compact 130/12 is a genuine evolution of the species in the medium/ low pressure band . Unique in its sector for compactness, low noise levels, reliability and stanǦ dard accessories, it enables foaming, rinsing and disinfection processes to be optimised . The system already incorporates all components, from the electrical paǦ nel to the 100% stainless steel dispensing system for foaming and disinfecǦ tion, creating a highly reliable integrated combination to satisfy all sanitiǦ sing needs. . The frame is in stainless steel...

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General Catalogue - 10

A VAILABLE CONFIGURA TION TECHNICAL DETAILS • Low voltage controls (24 volt). • Total stop. • Over temparature 75 °C safety controls. • Pressure indicator. • Pressure adjustment. • Controls by flow sensor. • Pump with 3 ceramic pistons complete of special seals kit for high temperature. • S/s dosing system Foam System 1 for foam and disinfection.

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General Catalogue - 11

Standard Accessories S/s washing lance cm 70 without nozzle complete of pin Ø14 Code 11155/ST18 S/s Foam lance cm 50 with nozzle and pin Ø14 Cod. 11150 H.p. hose. R/2 L= 15mt. 3/8” F Code 18215 S/s wall holder for hose Code 20903 S/s mounting bracket Code 33011+ Code 33012 Optional accessories S/s washing lance cm 90 with rotating nozzle complete of pin Ø14 Cod. 11105/ST18 + Cod. 19338 S/s manual hose reel Code 10400/X (Section 51) S/s automatic hose reel (Without hose) Code 10300 (Section 50) 3/3

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General Catalogue - 13

Centralized washing system Reliability, eƥciency, safety. The main features of FMT 6 centralised variable pressure washing systems are their modularity with use of from one to six lances simultaneously, pressure adjustable from 20 to 150 bars, pump ƪow rate of 15, 12, 30 litres/minute and automation. The number of lances which can be used simultaneously is established during the deǦ sign phase, then the system adjusts the ƪow rate to the number of lances actually in use at any moment, guaranteeing constant pressure at each washing point . Excess pumps are turned oơ automatically after about...

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General Catalogue - 14

AVAILABLE CONFIGURATIONS FLOW RATE (lt/min) VOLTAGE (Volt) WATER INǦLET MAX TEMPERATURE Low voltage controls (24 volt) Pressure adjustment Water ƪow rate adjustment Automatic administration of the pumps by electronic unit Possibility to work with more lances at the same time Automatic switch oơ of the pumps when not used Possibility to have diơerent ƪow rate and diơerent pressure in diơerent washing zone Water lack control Over temperature safety control Block of the plant in case of break of h.p. hose IP65 control panel UNI pump compelte of seal for hight temperature up to 90° C Digital...

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General Catalogue - 15

Common Elements for Centralized Plant Multi-Pressure To be ordered separately to complete the plant Control Module S/s Frame Code 2000/X Polyester IP65 Power panel complete of electronic board with digital control and display Code 2001 Optional accessories S/s 250 Lt water tank complete of controls and pump S/s frame Code 2002/X

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General Catalogue - 16

Optional accessories S/s washing lance cm 90 without nozzle complete of pin Ø14 (Section 52) Code 11105/ST18 S/s nozzle Я” (Section 54) Code 190xx Gun with coupling Ø 14 (Section 56) Code 25095/ST H.p. hose R2 д“ L= 15 or 20 mt. (Section 57) Code 18215 - Code 18220 S/s automatic hose reel (Section 50) S/s manual hose reel (Section 51) Quick couplings and fittings (Section 58) Wide range of foam dispenser stations- Stationary and Mobile (Section 16) 4/5

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