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Washing system - Hot Water Single Pump to 130 Bar 2-4 Lt/min Calidus 130/4 is a high and pressure washing unit producing hot water, specifically created by VEMA to meet the needs of gastronomies and small / medium food stores. The frame, the equipped pump and all control components used are integrally formed in stainless steel, with the aim to meet the expectations of the end user and ensure reliability in the long run without comparisons, everything combined with low noise. The limited water consumption, MAX 4 lt/min, the maximum temperature of 80 ° C, exclusively generated by an electric resistance of 9 kw and the total absence of aerosols, linked to a great practicality of use, allow to easily remove any residue or contamination. The limited supply of water, also allows the use even in environments where discharges points are not installed in this case. Water can be collected with simple dry vacuum. The system includes high-pressure 15 m hose, gun with TOTAL STOP function, dedicated spear complete with nozzle.

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• Low Voltage Controls (24 volt) • Hot/Cold Selector • Heating water continuously at a constant temperature • Digital Thermostat • Pressure adijustement • Pressure Indicator • Total Stop • Pressure Switch Controls • Safety Valve • Pump with ceramic pistons and s/s Valve • IP65 Control Panel • Water Lack Controls

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S/s Washing Lance cm 70 (*) without Nozzle complete of Pin Ø14 Cod. 11178 * On request different size without overprice Hose H.P. R/2 15mt. - Non Staining 3/8” Female Zinc-Plated Fittings Cod. 18215

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