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CROSSDRIVE™ DESIGN 3 The Van der Graaf (VDG) Cross Drive™ is an internally geared belt conveyor head pulley. It has the same gear reducer with the same 96% mechanical efficiency as the drum motor. The Cross Drive™ has all vital components such as gears, bearings and seals permanently lubricated within the drive shell. The electric motor is mounted externally on the faceplate of the Cross Drive™, which has been designed to accept any standard C flange mount electric motor or the exclusive Pancake design motor that reduces the overall motor length by up to 50%. Installation and removal of the electric motor is quick and easy, requiring only four bolts. XD160 CROSS DRIVE (6.5" diameter) XD215 CROSS DRIVE (8.5" diameter) Qvdc VVm/cAer-^rmi^ 530 v5 (01/2019) © 2019 Van der Graaf Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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Crossdrive - 2

CROSSDRIVE™ DESIGN INCREASES OPERATIONAL SAFETY Exceeds OSHA safety requirements No exposed rotating shaft No external moving parts    HIGH EFFICIENCY AC PANCAKE MOTOR (SHORT-EGRESS) Reduces motor protrusion Aproximately half the length of a standard electric motor Designed for use with variable frequency drives    REDUCES DOWNTIME / INCREASES SYSTEM AVAILABILITY & MAINTAINABILITY Electric motor is quickly and easily released from system (4 bolts) Easy connect Lovejoy coupling between pulley and motor Works with standard NEMA C-face motors OR with the VDG PANCAKE motor    REDUCES...

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