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Ideal choice for industrial dryer applications The Vaisala DRYCAP > Dewpoint Transmitter DMT242 provides reliable and stable measurements for industrial dryer applications. It is designed for extreme conditions.DMT242 incorporates the Vaisala DRYCAP > Incorporates advanced Vaisala DRYCAP Sensor and enhanced auto-calibration software > Long-term stability in low dewpoints > thin lm polymer sensor and auto-calibration software. The standard sensor choice for dry gases and desiccant dryers is DRYCAP > Fast response time > Two sensor options cover dewpoint measurement range from 60 +60 ŰC (-76 +140 ŰF) with an accuracy of 2 ѰC (3.6 ѰF) > 180M and for more humid applications such as regeration dryers, a DRYCAP > ή 180S sensor.Both the sensors are immune to particulate contamination, water condensation, oil vapor and most chemicals. Because the sensor withstands condensation, its performance is unmatched for low dewpoint applications that experience process water spikes, such as pipeline condensation during a system failure or start-up. The auto-calibration software works on-line while the process is running. If the measurement accuracy is not conrmed, corrections are made automatically. The DMT242 adjusts the measurement, corrects dry-end drifts and continues to function. Calibration occurs quickly, and with corrections so minor, it will go unnoticed. Due to its compact size, DMT242 is quickly and easily installed in tight spaces.Users can perform a eld-check by using the Vaisala DRYCAP > NIST traceable (certificate included) > Compatible with Vaisala DRYCAP Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter DM70 > ή Hand-Held Dewpoint Meter DM70. The transmitter can be sent to Vaisala Service for NIST traceable calibration. The recommended calibration interval is every two years. >

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Measurement range (typical)-60 ... +60 C (-76 ... +140 аF)Analog output scalingsOption A-80 ...+20 C (-112 ... +68 аF) T Temperature0 ... +60 C (32 ... +140 аF)higher temperature peaksShort-term OKRelative humidity0 ... 100 %RH Pressure0 ... 20 bara (0 ... 290 psia) Sample flow rateno effect > d Option B-60 ... +40 C (-76 ... +104 аF) T > d Option Xfree scaling(when the dewpoint is below 0 C (32 аF), the transmitter outputs frostpoint)Accuracy with DRYCAP > 180Mα2 C (б3.6 F)(see graph below) > Analog output4 ...20 mA Resolution for analog outputб0.002 mA Typical temperature dependence0.0008...

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