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TT-Sense® Optical Thrust and Torque Measuring Systems

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Optical Thrust and Torque Measuring Systems Insight in Propulsion Efficiency

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Since 1938 VAF Instruments is an established name in the world of marine measuring equipment. The need for increased energy performance and necessity to comply to rules and regulations, inspired us to develop the next step in our successful line of sensors: the TT-Sense®. The use of a TT-Sense® means getting more insight in your propeller efficiency, hull resistance and vessel trim optimization. Managing propeller thrust and hull resistance at full scale enable savings up to 20% and in some cases even more. This real thrust measurement is performed by highly accurate optical sensor...

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Typical system arrangement Ships monitoring Fault detection Speed log/GPS 12x PT2 Flowmeter (flow + temp) For max. 6 consumers Typical TT-Sense® thrust and torque measuring system with optional fuel consumption measurement

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Applications of thrust and torque measurement By using the TT-Sense® propeller thrust measuring possibilities, the performance of the propeller and hull can be measured separately providing an important input to fuel saving and maintenance investment decisions. Customers have reported savings of up to 20% on fuel and maintenance costs by managing propeller performance and hull resistance at full scale. The benefits of measuring propeller thrust in addition to torque: - - - In combination with a monitoring or management system, such as VAF Instruments PEM2, PEM4 or IVY®, the TT-Sense®...

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The TT-Sense® thrust and torque measuring system can be combined with the PEM4 Propulsion Efficiency Monitor, the vessel’s monitoring system and/or IVY® propulsion performance management solution to use TT-Sense® to its full potential. IVY®, VAF Instruments’ solution for Propulsion Performance Management, brings you the fleet at your fingertips. From ship to shore, IVY® enriches big data for powerful analysis. The web application of IVY® provides fleet and ship performance visualisation and insight into the relevant data and more than 30 KPIs. IVY® can be combined with a range of sensors on...

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Technical specification TT-Sense® Control box for stator part Power supply    115 or 230 VAC, 50 or 60 Hz ± 20% Power consumption    40 VA maximum Input    2,4 GHz fully protected encrypted signal Output    RS 485 for Modbus over TCP/IP or 4-20 mA isolated current output (optional) Dimensions    408 x 360 x 111 mm Rotor equipment_ Material of mounting rings    Carbon steel Material outside cover    Polyurea coated high density foam Material compensator arms    Carbon steel Shaft speed detection    Accelerometer signal Output    2,4 GHz fully protected encrypted signal Shaft diameter    Min....

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TT-Sense® optional components ■I ■■■I = ran PEM4 touch screen SPU3 Signal Processing Unit

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CD 2. Available shaft length [mm]: cb    - f~i 4. Please provide shaft line drawing for information: "05    - O new building    O retrofitting CD. 5. Design conditions: power [kW]:    thrust [kN]: cb speed [rpm]: co    - co shaft material:    shear modulus G [N/mm2]:    youngs modulus E [N/mm2]: §>    shaft diameter (+tolerance) [mm]:    (min 200 mm) CD inside (bore) diameter [mm]: co    - duty    O    propeller shaft    O other:If    6. System: CD s    required output    thrust    O RS 485/Modbus O other: options    O Propulsion Performance Management by IVY® O PEM4 for Fuel Consumption...

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