ProFlow Sliding Vane Meters DN 15-50 (½”- 2”) - 8 Pages

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ProFlow Sliding Vane Meters DN 15-50 (½”- 2”)

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ProFlow Sliding Vane Meters DN 15-50 (½”- 2”) Product Bulletin

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VAF Instruments ProFlow positive displacement sliding vane type liquid flowmeters are used in continuous metering applications of oil-like liquids, especially for accurate measurement of fuel oil consumption. ProFlow flowmeters have a simple, rugged design. With only few almost frictionless moving internal parts there is hardly any wear in the flowmeter which safeguards a typical long lasting lifetime. ProFlow meters have no mechanical seals saving you from regular maintenance and possible leakage of process liquids into the environment. The flowmeter is driven by the process liquid which...

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Flow ranges To select the appropriate meter size for your process the graphs must be used. The data in these graphs only refer to standard flowmeters used on Newtonian liquids. Consult VAF Instruments for viscosities higher than shown in the graphs. Lower minimum capacities are possible dependent on liquid viscosity and required measuring accuracy. 40 30 50 60 Percent Of Maximum Flow Pressure Drop Pressure Drop Flowrate - pressure drop viscosity relation 40 50 60 Percent Of Maximum Flow Pressure Drop 40 50 60 Percent Of Maximum Flow

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Options and accessories Liquid filter The process liquid must be clean and free from air, gas or dirt. Solid particles may cause excessive wear. It is recommended to install a liquid filter with a suitable mesh width. If necessary also install an air vent. Electronic signal processing instrumentation A complete range of electronic signal processing instrumentation is available. Built-on Totaliser ProFlow flowmeters are equipped with a built-on totaliser. See tables for counter reading units and combinations of totaliser and pulse output. Consult VAF Instruments for special counters and...

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Dimensions apply to flowmeters with DIN flanges. Dimensions of flowmeters with other pressure ratings are available on application. All dimensions are in millimeters. Meter type

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All copyrights reserved | Publ. No. PB-142-GB-0414 | Supersedes Publ. No. PB-142-GB-0813 Quotation & ordering information For proper selection of the suitable ProFlow meter the following data should be determined: Liquid data: 1. Process liquid (trade name or chemical composition): 2. Flowrate [l/min] minimum: 3. Operating pressure range [bar]: allowable pressure drop [bar]: 4. Operating temperature range [˚C] process liquid: 5. Specific gravity at operating conditions: Flowmeter data: 6. Basic model number: 7. Diameter liquid piping: 8. Connection flanges: 10. Optional pulse transmitter...

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