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Oilcon® Mark 6 Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems

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Oil Discharge Monitoring & Control Systems Product Bulletin

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For the continuous on-line monitoring of discharge water during de-ballasting operations, VAF Instruments is one of world’s main suppliers. The Oilcon® Mark 6 oil discharge monitoring & control systems are more reliable and more accurate than any other monitoring & control system. It is suitable for all ballast and slop water discharges. The measurement technique used in the Oilcon® Oil Discharge Monitor is based on scattered light. In accordance with IMO Resolution MEPC.108(49), the Mark 6 Oilcon® is able to discriminate between oil and other contaminants such as mud, rust or entrained...

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Typical system arrangement 1. Main control unit Control Room Engine Room Pump Room ship’s side valve over ship speed ship position GPS automatically controlled valves sample Hazardous Area communication cable multi cable transit sample probe Pump Room 6. Sampling pump Engine Room sample valve from cargo pump pressure regulating valve from stripping pump differential pressure sensing lines Safe Area 2. Electro pneumatic unit data electric pneumatic Note: Artist impression of oil discharge monitoring and control systems only (not for installation purpose). Scope of supply can vary depending...

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Technical specification 5. Skid assembly The skid assembly contains the necessary items to handle the sampled ballast water to measure the oil content. In the skid assembly a pneumatically operated shuttle valve and window wash pump are installed. The shuttle valve selects between fresh water forward or backward flush and sample. The window wash pump provides a pressure boost to the window flushing water. Also contained in the skid assembly is the intrinsically safe detector cell which contains the revolutionary electronic optical sensing system used to determine oil content. The skid...

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Dimensions & weights Details of main components of Mark 6 Oilcon® oil discharge monitoring and control system: Main control unit Weight: 1,5 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 257 x 157 x 126 mm Main control unit Electro pneumatic unit Electro pneumatic unit Weight: 9,5 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 500 x 263 x 114 mm Motor starter box Weight: 1 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 126 x 176 x 100 mm Motor starter box Electronic differential pressure transmitter Weight: 8 kg Dimensions (W x H x D): 225 x 195 x 194 mm Orifice plate Thickness: 6 mm Material: Stainless Steel Diameter and bore: Specific to each...

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All copyrights reserved | Publ. No. PB-639-GB-0312 | Supersedes PB-639-GB-0711 Quotation & ordering information Please specify type of ship: Newbuilding 1. Supply voltage: 2. Minimum / maximum flowrate overboard line: 3. Diameter overboard line: Mark 6 according resolution MEPC. 108 (49) Summary of implementation requirements for oil discharge and control systems for oil tankers Feature: Category type: ≥ 150 gross tonnage Input information (automatic receipt): Ship speed Overboard discharge position Flowrate discharge Auto / manual mode Status of operation mode Ships speed Sample point...

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