Advanced Materials - The Key to Progress - 22 Pages

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Advanced Materials - The Key to Progress

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Facts and Figures More than 4,000 employees in over 50 countries, with annual sales of EUR 400 million from 6 manufacturing locations. Over 800 global patents and over 100 different materials are used as the basis for thousands of products. For more information, visit Foundation of Heraeus-vacuumschmelze AG market launch of vacoMAX® rare earth permanent magnets market launch of vITROvac® amorphous metals First permanent magnets based on vacODYM® neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB) alloys market launch of VITROpERM® nanocrystalline alloy Foundation of VAc Malaysia Foundation...

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Ideas that change the way we think. 2-3 Understanding the connections. 4-5 Knowing how to get things moving. 6-7 Identifying what others cannot see. 8-9 Generating genuine added-value. 10-11 Developing ideas that others do not even think of. 12-13 Producing the benefits for our customers. 14-15 Anticipating what the future has in store. 16-17 Understanding what drives our employees. 18-19

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that change the way we think. Advanced material s are the key to progress. This was our belief in 1923 – and is still the same today. The proof can be seen in our 800+ patents and catalogue of more than 100 materials featuring outstanding magnetic and ­physical properties. We are pioneers. In the 90+ years since the first vacuum furnace was ­developed, VACUUMSCHMELZE (VAC) has risen to become the market leader in magnetic and metallic materials and products derived from them. We are the global specialist and partner of choice for all key industries. Our teams of development engineers offer...

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We are one of only a few companies to span the entire process chain at our l ­ocations, from smelting the alloy to producing the finished product. We p ­ rovide an all-round service for our customers and work closely with them to find the ideal solution for all their requirements. Every year, our three divisions – Materials and Parts, Cores and Components as well as Permanent Magnets – develop a broad range of outstanding products c ­overing virtually all industries and markets, including magnetically and p ­ hysically advanced materials and parts, inductive components and magnetic systems....

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the connections. Our understanding of magnetism is unequalled. We use this specific expertise to develop materials that make the world ready for the ever changing energy distribution network – such as products for smart grids that provide countries with green energy from solar and wind power. When there are challenging requirements to be faced, we step forward and c ­ontribute our wealth of scientific expertise plus decades of experience in m ­ aterials and technologies. As genuine pioneers in metallurgy and globally acknowledged experts in the field, we have an extensive and broad-based...

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Every day over 100 highly qualified physicists, materials scientists and electrical engineers work in our laboratories to develop state-of-the-art, ­ est-in-class b materials and products. The result is a globally unique portfolio of well over 100 crystalline, ­amorphous and nanocrystalline materials of outstanding quality, which we smelt and p ­ rocess to manufacture an enormous variety of products.

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how to get things moving. The world of mobility is always changing – with the help of VAC and our products for vehicles, aircraft, trains and lifts, as well as parts for Formula 1 racing cars, robots and Swiss w ­ atches. Thanks to VAC, people and whole industries are a ­ lways able to keep in step with new technology. Our product development operations are driven by innovation; the benchmarks and the impetus are set by our customers’ challenges. Our key priority is therefore to understand exactly what the product has to do. By building long-term partnerships with our customers, we have...

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Our customers are specialists in their field. We respect them as equal partners, ­ with a holistic perspective and technical and creative capabilities that are e ­ xpressed in outstanding engineering achievements. On this basis, we can create standard products that meet their needs, as well as highly specific solutions that are used by all key industries throughout the world. Our soft magnetic materials, components and magnets make essential contributions to the success of a whole range of industries, including: > Automotive technology > Drive systems > Installation technology >...

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what others cannot see. VAC products are also in use in health and safety-related areas. Our components are critical to the functioning of MRT scanners, ensuring the reliability of diagnoses, and our components for r ­esidual current devices protect people from the potentially h ­ azardous effects of electricity. We keep our eyes open on behalf of our customers, identifying key factors and applying exactly the right amount of effort to analyse their needs before a p ­ roject gets off the drawing board. In doing so, we prioritise precision in evaluating the baseline situation, defining all...

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We work with our customers’ product specialists to explore ideas, identify a ­ reas of potential and develop completely new alternative solutions for their markets. This in-depth collaboration process generates impetus for your projects that few others are able to provide, and is always tailored closely to your specific needs and those of your industry.

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genuine added-value. VAC makes life simpler. Our components for electrically p ­owered steering and parking assistance systems provide s ­ upport for drivers. In aviation, our products increase aircraft efficiency and reduce aviation fuel consumption. We provide assistance for the daily ­routine of many people and of ­numerous industries throughout the world. We always find the optimum solution. Our customers benefit directly from the uncompromising functionality offered by our components. The added-value generated by our proactive consulting services, together with the continuous contact...

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