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The golden rules of vacuum technology Best practices for VACUU·PURE® – maximize performance and pump life time Ensure good vacuum performance and pumping speed Keep the pump in good performance ■ Use tubing which is suitable for the intended vacuum range and provides sufficient stability. The vacuum tubing between your pump and your process should be as short as possible and have the largest possible diameter. Make sure that the tubing connection to the pump is secure and leak-tight by using appropriate connecting components for the intended vacuum range. VACUU·PURE typically reaches the specified ultimate vacuum after a warm-up time of 20 to 30 minutes. Minimize chemical emission for user health and environmental protection ■ Use an emission condenser to maximize solvent recovery. Use regeneration mode before you start a different process, and before pumping different media. Take good care of the pump ■ Check the ultimate vacuum of the pump regularly. Check the air filters and fan grilles regularly to make sure that they are not blocked. If necessary, clean them as described in the operating instructions. At the end of your process, let the pump run for about 30 minutes in regeneration mode. Never block the pumps‘ outlet ■ Protect the pump mechanics by preventing particle aspiration Use regeneration mode to quickly dry the internal wetted area of the pump. Prevent back pressure at the pump’s outlet under all circumstances. If you connect an exhaust tube to the pump outlet, make sure that it allows free passage at all times and does not become blocked or kinked. If your application could cause particles to enter the pump, use an inlet separator. VACUUBRAND GMBH + CO KG | Alfred-Zippe-Straße 4 | 97877 Wertheim | Germany T +49 9342 808-5550 | |

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